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March 2007

3-30--Community Courts Gaining Momentum
3-30--Body Found Near Beach

3-29--Airport Commission Gives New Operator Thumbs Up, Despite Fears Jet Traffic Will Rise

3-29--Driver Injured in Collision on Montana
3-28--EXTRA!!! FAA Warns City: Curb Airport Safety Measures
3-28--Sustainable Parking Structure Will Have Santa Monica Motorists Seeing Green

3-27-07--Return of Boating Could Hit Rough Waters

3-27-07--Gabriels Donate $100,000 to Historical Society Museum

3-27-07--Farmers Market Crash Gets New Date in Court
3-26-07--House in the House for Red Cross Bash
3-26-07--Dr. Gold Makes the Grade
3-26-07--WHAT I SAY -- Calming the Traffic Beast
3-23-07--Bayside Votes to Recommend Ambassador Program, Homeless Outreach Team

3-23-07--City Creates Task Force for Workforce Housing
3-22-07--Sunset Park Residents Ponder Options for Boulevard Redesign
3-22-2007--Council Takes Initial Steps to Install Red Light Cameras
3-19-2007--Super Marine Sale Raises Concerns About Jet Traffic
3-19-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Sometimes Less is Less, But Sufficient
3-16-2006--Council Votes to Explore Alternatives to Public Financing for Campaigns
3-15-2006--Homeless Agency Steps Up with Housing

3-15-2006--Community Meeting to Discuss Ocean Park Boulevard Design
3-14-2007--Managing Change: Bayside Takes Steps to Change How Downtown is Run
3-14-2007--Good Timing for New Plan
3-14-2006--Tickets for SMMUSD Stairway of the Stars Concert Go on Sale Friday
3-13-2007--Council to Explore Public Campaign Financing
3-13-2007--Staff Recommends Contracting Out Pier Services
3-13-2007--LETTERS -- "A Political Investment for the Community"

3-12-2007--New OPCC Shelters Brings the Outside In
3-12-2007--WHAT I SAY:
Tough Choices

3-12-2007--Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau Goes Green
3-9-2007--Light Rail Makes Stop in Santa Monica

3-9-2007--City TV Looking for Survival Stars

3-9-2007--March Blood Donors Offered a Chance to Win 3-9-2007--Two Annual Passes to Disneyland
3-8-2007--City Begins Fixing Broken Crosswalks
3-8-2007--Woman Killed in Downtown Crosswalk

3-7-2007--EXTRA!!! More Than Half of Rent Control Units Market Rate, Report Finds
3-7-2007--Macerich Submits Modest Proposal for Mall Remodel

3-7-2007--Macerich's Santa Monica Place Redevelopment Submittal Narrative
3-6-2007--City Could Regulate Airport Pollution, Study Finds
Program Encourages Going Solar
3-6-2007--LETTERS -- Build Housing for Locals, Not Parking for Visitors
3-6-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Free “Smart” Sprinkler Controller Exchange for Santa Monica Residents
3-5-2007--City Pays $1.2 Million in Blue Bus Settlement
Grant to Help Poor Land Jobs
3-5-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Growing Old Urbanism

3-5-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Santa Monica Pier Announces Fifth Annual Twilight Dance Series Poster Contest
3-2-2007--Cultural Plan Seeks to Boost Artistic Endeavors

3-2-2007--FULL REPORT: Creative Capital

3-2-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Applications Available for Beach/Water Activity Permits

3-1-2007--A Show of Force and a Call for Peace


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