The LookOut

November 2006

11-30-2006--Council Tackles Campaign Finance Reform
11-29-2006--School District Calls In Financial Experts
11-29-2006--Attendants to Return to Downtown Restrooms
11-28-2006--EXTRA!!! School District’s Top Financial Officer Resigns
11-28-2006--City Council to Tackle Growing Demand for Daycare
11-27-2006--Prop V Gains Momentum as Votes Trickle In
11-27-2006--WHAT I SAY -- One Beach, Four Multiplexes and Two Hospitals
11-23-2006--A Winterlit Holiday Season
11-23-2006--City Makes Looking for Parking Virtually Easy
11-23-2006--Police to Ticket Good Drivers
11-23-2006--Danger Lurks Behind Cork and Fork This Holiday Season
11-22-2006--Expanded Smoking Ban Set to Kick In
11-22-2006--Commercial Real Estate Heats Up
11-21-2006--EXTRA!!! Weller Gets Probation
11-21-2006--Verdict Still Out in Civil Cases
11-21-2006--HEALTH NEWS -- Ask the Doctor at Saint John’s: Arthritis
11-20-2006--Why Go Downtown? Residents, Visitors Weigh In
11-20-2006--Council Wraps Up Busy Agenda
11-20-2006--WHAT I SAY -- How Soon We forget: Three Years in One Case, Eleven Months in Another
11-17-2006--Former Bruin Dies in Santa Monica Crash
11-17-2006--EXTRA!!! School Board Backs Salary Hike for Teachers but Delays Final Vote
11-17-2006--Downtown Merchants Hope for Glad Tidings
11-17-2006--Cooking up Success
11-16-2006--Council Takes Major Step in Charting the Future
11-16-2006--OPINION -- Teacher's Contract Undermines Progress
11-16-2006--HEALTH NEWS -- Support Research at the John Wayne Cancer Institute by Shopping at Ralph's
11-15--EXTRA!!! Finance Oversight Committee Worries District Can’t Afford Agreement with Teacher’s Union
11-15--Measure to Clean Up the Bay Barely Staying Afloat
11-15-2006--Victim of Shooting Still Critical
11-13-2006--Planning Commission Votes to Study Permanently Exempting Large Affordable Projects from Public Review
11-14-2006--The Last Base Isolator
11-13-2006--Man Shot in Pico Neighborhood
11-13-2006--Election Spurs Challenges to Campaign Finance Laws
11-10-2006--SPECIAL REPORT -- Breaking Bread: Free Meal Programs for Homeless Move Indoors
11-9-2006--Santa Monica Taps Long Beach for Top Cop
11-9-2006--Local Voters Take Initiative
11-9-2006--OPINION -- Post-Election Statement from Santa Monicans for Sensible Priorities
11-8-2006--EXTRA!!! Council Incumbents Sweep to Victory Despite Attacks
11-8-2006--SMRR Makes Clean Sweep in Board Races
11-7-2006--Election Finance Law Takes Bite Out of Incumbents' Coffers
11-6-2006--Council Candidates Tackle Homeless Policies
11-6-06--Council Race Hits Home Stretch
11-6-2006--WHAT I SAY -- The 2006 Election: Negativity
11-6-2006--What I Say: For the Record
11-3-2006--School Board Candidates Push Their Platforms
11-3-2006--College Board Candidates Speak Out
11-3-2006--WHAT I SAY -- The 2006 Election: The Local Propositions
11-2-2006--Santa Monica Area Residents Weigh in on Downtown
11-2-2006--Follow the Money: Council Candidates Turn to Wide Array of Contributors as Race Nears Finish Line
11-1-2006--Demonstrators Crossed Line, Group Charges
11-2-2006--WHAT I SAY -- The 2006 Election: College and School Boards
11-1-2006--Rat Leaves Customers in the Dark
11-1-2006--WHAT I SAY -- The 2006 Election: City Council, Part II


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