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Cooking up Success

By Jorge Casuso

October 17 -- As general manger of the Border Grill, Brian Strasburger knows the ingredients it takes to cook up success. Now, he wants to bring his 15 years of expertise in the restaurant business to the Bayside District Board.

Strasburger, who was appointed to the board by the City Council October 24, hopes to draw some of the attention from the thriving Third Street Promenade to 4th Street, which has seen an influx of sit- down eateries over the past few years.

“We’re on 4th Street, and 4th Street is kind of forgotten,” said Strasburger, who has worked at the Border Grill for two years after 13 years at the old Spaghetti Factory. “I’d like to see the whole area be represented more, not just the Promenade.

“Our company wants to get more involved with the City and the Bayside District,” he said. “We want to see Santa Monica and the Bayside District improve.”

Fixing and sprucing up the parking structures, cleaning the streets and addressing the homeless problem are at the top of Strasburger’s list of priorities.

“I think the parking structures and cleaning are probably two issues that are easier to handle,” he said. “When you’re dealing with transients, there are a lot of things you have to take into account, that we’re humanitarian and caring. It’s a fine line to walk.”

A Santa Monica homeowner, Strasburger also brings a local resident’s perspective to the board.

“I moved to California in 1992 and I haven’t looked back,” said Strasburger, who graduated from Niagra University in New York with a degree in hotel and restaurant administration.





“We’re on 4th Street, and 4th Street is kind of forgotten.” Brian Strasburger

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