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Police to Ticket Good Drivers

By Lookout Staff

November 23 – It may be a good thing if you get pulled over by police this holiday season.

Starting Monday, police and traffic services officers will ticket drivers they see operating their vehicles safely. But instead of a fine, the rewarded motorists will get two free round trips on any Big Blue Bus and a free ride on the holiday Shoppers Shuttle.

Sponsored by the Police Department and the Big Blue bus, the Safe Driver “Ticket” Campaign hopes to encourage drivers to operate their vehicles safely, reduce traffic congestion and keep the environment green by staying out of their cars whenever possible.

“Tickets will be given people observed being courteous, cautious and promoting public safety or taking actions to reduce traffic on the streets and parking lots,” said Capt. Alex Padilla, the Police Department spokesman.

Those awarded a ticket under the program -- which ends January 1 -- can try any line on the Big Blue Bus, which has routes throughout Santa Monica and Los Angeles and serves more than 51 square miles.

“The Santa Monica Police Department reminds everyone to look out for each other and drive safely, because police and traffic services officers will be looking out for you…to give you a Safe Driver ‘Ticket,’” Padilla said.





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