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September 2007

9-28-200--EXTRA!!! Police Arrest Juvenile in Rape, Burglary
9-28-2007--Council Greenlights Red Light Enforcement Program

9-28-2007--THE LENS -- Tools for Living
9-27-2007--Rent Control Board to Review Security Deposit Interest Law

9-27-2007--Council Tweaks Tenant Protection Laws
9-27-2007--Tuesday's City Council Wrap-Up

9-26-2007--Fun for a Cause at Saint Anne

9-25-2007--Ventura Official Tapped as School District CFO

9-25-2007--LETTERS -- The Business of Trees

9-24-2007--Demonstrators Rally to Save Downtown Trees

9-24-2007--Police Arrest Two Suspects Eluding Arrest

9-24-2007--WHAT I SAY -- That Old Time Religion
9-24-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Santa Monica Red Cross Looking for Volunteers

9-24-2007--LETTERS: Giving Credit Where Credit's Due
9-21-2007--City Releases Sustainable Report Card
9-21-2007--THE LENS -- The Attention Getters

9-20-2007--Step Up Celebrates New Facilities, Healing Power of Art

9-20-2007--Groundbreaking for New Bus Facility
9-19-2007--Police Step up Search for Missing Woman

9-19-2007--City Commemorates Ink Well Beach, First Black Surfer

9-18-2007--EXTRA!!! New Outdoor Smoking Provision on the Horizon

9-18-2007--Santa Monica Developer Proposes Major Project in West LA

9-18-2007--OPINION -- Celebrating the Constitution  
9-17-2007--City Begins to Replace Palisades Park’s Signature Trees
9-17-2007--So You Want to Know
9-17-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Home Is Where the Parking Is

9-14-2007--Council Zones Out High School Drivers
9-14-2007--THE LENS -- Power Trip

9-14-2007--Tarmac Rage
9-14-2007--Q &A with the FAA

9-13-2007--Council Approves Mall Remodel

9-13-2007--Working by the Book

9-13-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- CANVAS Offers Inside Look at the Art of Politics

9-13-2007--Mixed Signals
9-12-2007--Mar Vista Dogs Bark a Sigh of Relief  
9-12-2007--Commission Landmarks Palisades Park
9-11-2007--NEWS FLASH Gunshot Fired Near Pier

9-11-2007--Missing the Curb
9-10-2007--WHAT I SAY --
Pride and Despair

9-10-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Red Cross Looking for Volunteers

9-10-2007--Panel Urges Development Ban for VA Grounds
9-7-2007--THE LENS -- Summer's Almost Gone
9-7-2007--OPCC Homeless Access Centers Opens

9-7-2007--Parking Reduction Idea Falls Flat
9-7-2007--OPINION -- Open Letter to the Residents of Santa Monica and Malibu

Expo Line Funding Gets Green Light

9-6-2007--Commission Lays Roots for Tree Canopy Policy

9-6-2007--Blue Bus Toots Horn for Longtime Employees  
9-5-2007--Chamber CEO to Leave Post

9-5-2007--Crash Likely Due to Pilot Error, Experts Say
 9-4-2007--Airport Bill Dies in Appropriations
9-4-2007--WHAT I SAY --
Unintended Consequences

9-4-2007--Six Santa Monica Residents Die in Plane Crash

9-4-2007--OPINION -- Health Reform and the Year of Magical Thinking 


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