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The Business of Trees

September 25, 2007

Dear Editor,

The removal of some trees on 2nd and 4th street seems like such a small issue compared to the massive amount of development that has, is and will continue to occur in "our" city despite the desires and vision residents have for the city.

It is one more decision that is being made ostensibly for the good of
the city, i.e. to increase tourism and bring more income to the city. However, residents are happy with these trees, the city's goal of sustainability is met with these trees, and there is no proof that fewer, smaller trees will increase business.

There are many other measures that could be done to beautify the streets: Clean the sidewalks, add planters, improve signage, store window design, refresh and repaint store fronts, to name a few.

Our city manager has expressed concern that residents did not voice these concerns during the public process re. 2nd and 3rd street makeovers, but it's better to have occurred late than never.

Lorraine Sanchez
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