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February 2004

2-27--School Board Gives Initial Nod to Gift Policy
2-27--SAMOHI Students Fight for Parking
2-27--OPINION: Ongoing and Reliable Revenue Needed
2-26--Council Bans Wireless Equipment in Public Spaces
2-26--Council Turns Down Car Deal and Ponders Traffic Counts
2-25--EXTRA!!! Chamber Board Votes to Back CEPS Amendment
2-25--Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Regarding School Funding
2-25--OPINION: Why Chamber Backs CEPS Charter Amendment
2-24--EXTRA!!! County to Move Misdemeanor Cases Out of Santa Monica
2-24--LA Police Fatally Shoot Robbery Suspect Near SAMOHI
2-24--LETTERS: Attacking Funding and Don't Force the Right Thing
2-24--OPINION: Positive Changes in South Beach
2-24--LETTERS: Protecting Salaries
2-23--Board Ponders SMASH Agreement
2-23--EXCLUSIVE City Unions Take On Charter Amendment
2-23--Board Ponders SMASH Agreement
2-23--WHAT I SAY: Propositioned

2-23--LETTERS: Deasy Misled Public
EXTRA!!! Planning Commission Turns Down Large Apartment Complex
2-20--Polly's Pies Latest Victim of Rising Rent
 2-20--Civic Leaders Arrested
2-20--LETTERS: Significant Mischaracterization

2-19--City to Chamber: Charter Amendment Bad for Santa Monica

2-19--LETTERS: Insensitive, Naïve Words and Victimized by Tenants

2-19--MORE LETTERS: 15 Percent = Equal Opportunity

2-18--Deasy Proposes Changes to Gift Policy
2-18--LETTERS: City Funds Don’t Belong to Council & "Can You Hear Me Now?"
2-17--School Board to Consider New Plan for SMASH
2-16--Zane, Feinstein Face Off Over Proposed Charter Amendment
2-16--WHAT I SAY: Print the History
2-15--LETTERS: Unprofessional and Disrespectful

EXTRA!!! Council Adopts Resident-friendly Noise Ordinance
2-12--Council Restricts Street Banners
2-15--LETTERS: Unprofessional and Disrespectful

2-11--Council Updates Feeding Ordinance
2-11--Local Students Bring Message of Change from Abroad
2-11--LETTERS: Keeping Homeless on the Streets
2-10--Sick of Noise, Neighborhood Activists Flex Political Muscle
2-10--Citizen Payne’s Treasure Chest

2-10--City Warns Cleaners Against Gender Discrimination
2-10--LETTERS: Santa Monica's Disneyland and Eradicating Homelessness
2-9--Home Shopping
2-9--Marathon Man
2-9--WHAT I SAY: As Santa Monica Goes, So Goes... Pacific Palisades?
2-7--Food for Thought
2-7--Film Market to Boost Downtown Economy
 2-6--Measure to Force Council Funding for Schools Hits Streets
2-6--Stop Smoking on the Pier, Report Urges
2-6--Landlords Can Hike Rents Under New Regulation -- for Now
EXCLUSIVE City’s Biggest Residential Developer Faces Multiple Suits
2-4--Capital Punishment Foes Race to Save Inmate’s Life
2-4--City to Revisit Remodeling Guidelines
2-3--Special Ed in Crisis, Report Finds
2-3--School District Featured in PBS Documentary
2-2--$23 Million Suit Against City Set for Trial
2-2--WHAT I SAY: Five Pound Box of Money (Empty)
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