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November 2003

11-28--Shot in Pico Neighborhood Thought to be Gang Related
11-28--Conservancy Wins High Grade
11-28--LETTERS: Party Noises and Thanks from JAMS

Council Tables Noise Ordinance
11-26--Woman Apparently Shot near Santa Monica Boulevard
11-25--Suspect in Pico Slaying Arrested for Unrelated Gun Charge
 11-25--Investigation into Market Tragedy Complete
11-24--Man Shot in Pico Neighborhood
11-24--SAMOHI Students Post Record Scores
11-24--WHAT I SAY: Happy Thanksgiving and be Thankful the Planning Commission can't Continue it
11-24--LETTERS: Historical Society Created by Many
11-22--EXTRA!!! City Wins $92.5 Million, New Water Facility in Landmark Settlement
11-22--LETTERS: PNA Responds to Gun Violence
11-21--City Expected to Settle Biggest Case
11-21--LETTERS: More than “Crisis Response” Needed
11-20--The Challenges of Thinking Small
11-19--Bylaw Changes Make it Harder to Win SMRR Nod
11-19--Shots Ring Out in Pico Neighborhood
11-19--Sexual Assailant Sentenced
11-18--Molotov Cocktails Set off Small Fire
11-18--Police Chief, Auto Dealers, Marketing Innovator Honored
11-18--LETTERS: Kudos and a Different Take
11-17--Report Concludes Community Unity Can End Violence
11-17--RAND Report: Reducing Gun Violence
11-17--Body Found Near Freeway
11-17--WHAT I SAY: The Peyton Place of Planning
11-14--Meet Mr. Pope 
11-13--Council Tables Measure to Limit Promenade Chains
11-12--In Defense of a Fence
11-12--LETTERS: Counting Students Saved and Coming Through
11-12--MORE LETTERS: Thanksgiving
11-11--Farmers Market Victims Fund Closes as Investigation Continues
11-11--Midnight Special Opens New Chapter
11-10--A Love Affair With Santa Monica
11-10--WHAT I SAY: Walling In and Walling Out
SPECIAL REPORT Pedestrian’s Paradise
11-6--Development Boards Tackle Multi-family Design Standards
11-5--LETTERS: Overreacting, Grateful and Reaping What they Sow
11-4--College Board Gives Pope its Blessing

1-4--Suspect in Stabbing Arrested
11-3--Top Leaders Vie for Open SMC Seat
11-3--Man Stabbed by Brother
11-3--WHAT I SAY: Ungrateful Greens & Fences and Hedges
11-3--City Council Moves to Encourage Better Design, Sustainability

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