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October 2002

10-31--Jury Finds Son Guilty of Second Degree Murder in Father's Killing
10-31--LETTERS: All Hopes Rest with Parcel Tax, Kudos and Reasons to Back EE
10-31--WHAT I SAY: Pick 'em
10-30--Body Found in Bluff Encampment
10-30--OPINION: Santa Monica’s Bad Math
10-30--LETTERS: Voodoo Economics and Food for Thought
10-30--MORE LETTERS: Setting the Record Straight and Educators Endorse JJ
10-29--Holbrook, Dinolfo, McKeown Continue to Lead Fundraising Race
10-28--Police, Fire Unions Send Controversial Flyer, Again

10-28--Fatal Shooting on Beach
10-28--WHAT I SAY--Thank You Voters In Advance
10-28--LETTERS: Attacking the Messenger, Tax Options and Doomed Quixotic Quest
10-26--EXTRA!!! Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down City's ATM Fee Ban
10-26--Transient Stabs Man in Park

10-25--Restaurants Challenge City-funded Living Wage Study
10-25--City Officials, Ordinance Foes Plot Next Moves
10-25--OPINION: Santa Monica's Living Wage: An Ethical Imperative
10-25--LETTERS: The Politics of Nostalgia and Debating VERITAS
10-25--Correction to "City Faces Major Shortfalls, Finance Director Warns"

10-24--City Faces Major Shortfalls, Finance Director Warns
10-24--OPINION: S.M. Board Did Not Follow League Traditions
10-23--Regulated Meal Programs Get Final Go Ahead

10-23--Council Buys Bus Tracking Devices and Bullnose-edge Consoles
10-22--Meet the College Board Candidates
10-22--Council Candidates Tackle Homeowner Issues

10-22--OPINION: Comments on Professor Richard Sander's Study of Santa Monica's Minimum Wage Ordinance
10-22--LETTERS: Living Wage Unfair and Balancing Power
10-22--Clarification to "Print the Perception"

10-21--Businesses Can Absorb Living Wage Costs, Report Finds
10-21--WHAT I SAY: Print the Perception
10-21--OPINION: Living Wage: More than 100 Economists Say Yes

10-18--Landmarks Initiative Qualifies for Special Election
10-18--Council Candidate Draws a Blank
10-18--OPINION:League of Women Voters of Santa Monica Opposes Proposition HH (Veritas)

10-17--Local Schools Show Gains in State Test
10-17--Meet the School Board Candidates
10-17--Big Tree Could be Headed for Landmark Status

10-17--OPINION: The Living Wage Ordinance -- Can We Afford It?
10-17--LETTERS: Homeless Arrests and a Spiritual Rainbow

10-16--Living Wage Misses Mark, Damaging to Coastal Businesses, Report Finds
10-16--OPINION: Initial Statement by Santa Monica Coalition to Protect the Living Wage on Sander Study
10-16--Math and Ethics of Living Wage Debated

10-16--LETTERS: Unseating SMRR and the Politics of Historic Districts

10-15--EXTRA!!! Homeless Account for High Percentage of Parole, Sex Offender Arrests

10-15--Rhyme and Reason: Local Youth Speak Out
10-15--OPINION: Measure JJ -- A Law Of, By and For the Union
10-14--Task Force Gets Different Take on Promenade
10-14--Man Shot in Pico Neighborhood
10-14--WHAT I SAY -- Measure for Measure
10-14--OPINION: Big Money Won't Stop Living Wage Campaign

10-11--Icing on the Donut for City Workers
10-11--An Arctic Blast
10-10--Fundraising Battle for Living Wage Rematch off to Slow Start; VERITAS in Debt

10-10--Council Approves Measures to Curb Feeding, Sleeping
10-10--Holbrook, McKeown, Arnold Lead Fundraising Race
10-10--Turbulent Times for Tourism

10-10--LETTERS: Enabling Homeless, From Hard Work to Handouts and Sex Offender Posting
10-9--Habitat to Hold Fundraiser for First Santa Monica Project
10-9--Council Approves Nearly $5 million for Crosswalk Improvements

10-8--Economists Endorse Living Wage Law
10-8--OPINION: Endorsement by Economists for Measure JJ
10-8--Food Providers, Social Service Agencies Meet Before Council Takes Up Meal Programs
10-7--Sierra Club Endorses Four for Council

10-7--Battered Mom Dies Despite Doing All the Right Things

10-7--WHAT I SAY: Last of a Series
JJ Supporters Propagate Myths to Secure Passage


Sex Offender List Unavailable at SMPD
List of Sex Offenders Registered in Santa Monica

10-4--Planning Commission Holds City's First CUP Revocation Hearing
10-4--School Board Candidate Rallies Troops
10-4--OPINION: Living Wage Tests The Character Of Our City
10-4--LETTERS: Salary Priorities and No Respect
10-3--Victim of Year's Third Domestic Violence Homicide Identified
10-3--Facelift Makes Park More Accessible
10-3--LETTERS: Putting Another Face on Homelessness
10-2--Council Candidates Introduce Themselves

10-2--City Withdraws Request to Remove Candidate from Ballot
10-1--OPINION: Proposition JJ -- A Failure of Policy
10-1--OPINION: Living Wage Battle -- Community vs. Corporations

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