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Clarification to "Print the Perception"

After initial publication of the following quote and the link to, Councilman Kevin McKeown informed me that I had quoted from a "splinter group of activists self-named the 'Green Party USA,'" not from the "Green Party of the United States," the national political party recognized by the Federal Election Commission.

"Elections are merely a mechanism by which the people choose the individual oligarchs. For millennia, elections have been the telltale mark of oligarchy, of government structured around the elitist concept of representation instead of the egalitarian concept of participation. Elections today lend an aura of legitimacy to oligarchy for democratic-minded people who have forgotten what real democracy is."

The website for the FEC-recognized Greens is I regret not being aware of this distinction, and for any confusion caused by my misattribution. On reading the FEC-recognized party's platform, however, I stand by my overall points about Green ideas, even though the language is less alarming.)

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