The LookOut

February 2001

2-28-2001--Council Divvies Up Spare $3 Million
2-28-2001--Parents of Teenager Charged with Santa Barbara Murders are Leading Santa Monica Philanthropists
2-27-2001--Obstacles Mount for Transit Mall
2-27-2001--Letters to Council: Funds for Schools
2-26-2001--Santa Monica Teen Kills Four in Santa Barbara

2-26-2001--Union Supporters Target Film Market
2-26-2001--LETTERS: On the Target Vote, Transit Mall and Education
2-23-2001--Council Shoots Down Target
Other Target Stories
2-22-2001--Police Search for Final Suspect in German Tourist Slaying
2-21-2001--What I Say
-- Target: Tale of Two Cities
2-21-2001--COUNCIL UPDATE: Questions of Encouragement? Target Finds Hope in Council Queries
2-21-2001--Target: The Final Shot
2-20-2001--Follow the Bouncing Ball: "The Bayside Transit Mall"
2-20-2001--Residents Take Aim as Target Hearing Nears
2-20-2001--LETTERS: Readers Take Aim
2-19-2001--Former Mayor Zane Takes on Target
2-19-2001--LETTERS: On Target

2-19-2001--Downtown Parking Task Force: Making a List and Checking it Twice
2-19-2001--No New Preferential Parking Expected in Coastal Zone
2-16-2001--Study Finds Auto Dealerships Need More Room, Parking to Stay Competitive
2-16-2001--Landlords Win Symbolic Court Victory
What I Say:
2-16-2001--Target: Panic in the Streets
2-15-2001--Council Approves Leasing Guidelines for Pier
2-14-2001--More Parking Zones in Place Following Council Decisions
2-14-2001--Transit Mall Rolls Past Coastal Commission; Opponents Vow Lawsuit
2-13-2001--From Cart to Cafe: Olympic High Students Serve Up Successful Homegrown Business
2-13-2001--The SMPD Wants to Throw the Book at You

What I Say:First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage ...

2-12-2001--A Good Idea Up and Down

2-12-2001--LETTERS: What They Say: No to Target, Transit Mall, Homeless Recyclers
2-9-2001--Pedestrian Struck by Car on Lincoln
What I Say 2-9-2001--Listen to the rhythm of a gentle bossa nova
2-8-2001--Pico Collaborative Collapses; Successor Already on the Rise
2-8-2001--Transit Mall Opponents Lobby Coastal Commission

SPECIAL REPORT Collapse of the Pico Collaborative
2-6-2001--Target Changes Face to Woo Support of Council
2-6-2001--LETTERS: Praised and Slammed
2-5-2001--WATT RULING? District Awaits PUC Decision
2-5-2001--District Releases Enrollment Numbers for Next Year
2-2-2001--Saint John's Once Again Accepting Blue Cross
2-2-2001--Residents Rally Against Utility Tax
WHAT I SAY 2-2-2001--To Review or Not to Review
2-01-2001--OPCO Tackles Architecture, Boulangerie Site and Homeless at Annual Conference
2-01-2001--American Red Cross Seeks Contributions for Earthquake Relief
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