The LookOut
  October 2008

10-30-2008--Proposition T: The Most Divisive
10-30-2008--Tuesday's Council Meeting Wrap Up 
10-30-2008--LETTERS -- False Alarm and Cheap Scare Tactics 
10-29-2008--WHAT I SAY -- The School Board Election

10-30-2008--WHAT I SAY --
The City Council Election -- Part 1

10-31-2008--WHAT I SAY -- The City Council Election, Part 2

10-29-2008--Council Delays Proposed Smoking Ban
10-29-2008--City Economy “Fragile” but in the Black
10-28-2008--Police Seek Suspects in Sunday Shooting
10-28-2008--Escarce Elected to Prestigious Institute

10-28-2008--LETTERS -- False, Offensive and Condescending
10-28-2008--OPINION -- Two Interesting Statements by Gruber 

EXTRA!!! 10-27-2008--Weekend Shootings Could Signal Gang War

10-27-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Shadow Catcher Citywide Reads Book
10-27-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Measuring and Propositioning
10-24-2008--Anti-T Warchest Swells to $730,000
10-24-2008--LETTERS -- Wildly Innacurate

10-23-2008--Rosendahl Backs Prop T

10-23-2003--OPINION -- Wild Speculation
10-22-2008--Groups Battle Over RIFT

10-22-2008--LETTERS -- Gruber Has Lost His Head
10-22-2008--MORE LETTERS -- No car trips? Balderdash!
10-21-2008--Return to the World of the Living
10-21-2008--Teachers Oppose T
10-21-2008--OPINION -- Ahhh…the Strange Bedfellows of Santa Monica Politics

10-20-08--Sierra Club Backs 2 Council Challengers, Incumbent  
10-20-08--Wisdom from the Bottom Up
10-20-08--WHAT I SAY -- When Conventional Wisdom Masquerades as Common Sense

10-20-08--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Californian Reid and Ethiopian Gebre Win 2008 Saint John's Santa Monica 5000
10-17-2008--School Board Challenger Leads Fundraising Race

10-17-2008--Council to Hear Developer Fee Report Before Election
10-17-2008--Library Books Come Alive Saturday
10-17-2008--City Council Wrap Up
10-16-2008--It’s Winterlit

10-16-2008--Tapping Into the Tourist Market

10-16-2008--Santa Monica Beach Named ‘Great Public Space’
10-15-2008--The Race is On
10-15-2008--Making Sure Your Vote Counts
10-15-2008--LETTERS -- Shriver’s Courage, Too Much Money and Kudos
10-14-2008--Exploring Light Rail Options
10-14-2008--Police Seek Suspects In Homicide
WHAT I SAY -- Money on the Ballot
10-10-2008-- EXTRA!!! -- Shriver Supports Prop T
10-10-2008--Man Injured in Plane Crash is Santa Monica Contractor

10-9-2008--ELECTION SPECIAL -- Major Developers Bankroll Prop T Opposition

10-9-2008--Full House at AFM
10-9-2008--OPINION -- Ain’t the Obama-Worshipping Westside Liberals Great?

10-8-2008--ELECTION SPECIAL -- Rival Factions Bankrolled by Developers
10-8-2008--Plane Crashes After Taking Off From Santa Monica  

10-8-2008Pico Youth Center Opens Doors to New Home

10-6-2008--New Ed Group Endorses Challenger
10-6-2008--CEPS Backs Incumbents, Opposes "T"
10-6-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Catch my RIFT
10-3-2008--Easing Traffic Will Cost Motorists, RAND Study Finds

10-3-2008--Three Arrested in Ocean Park Burglary

10-2-2008--PTA Does Not Take Position on T, Backs AA, SM
10-2-2008--LETTERS -- Kuehl’s Logic Faulty
10-2-2008--OPINION -- Joint Statement Concerning Prop T (RIFT)

10-01-2008--Kuehl Opposes Prop T, Fears Measure Would Displace Renters
10-01-2008--Former Supt. Deasy Leaves Post to Work for Gates Foundation


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