The LookOut

May 2008


5-30-2008--Big Wheel Starts Turning
5-30-2008--Superintendent Talarico to Join Burlingame School District
5-30-2008--Police Search for Hit-and-Run Driver

5-30-2008--Bicyclist Struck and Killed in Pico Neighborhood
5-29-2008--Part I: Relocation Offer Raises Fears Among Trailer Park Tenants
5-29-2008--Part II: Negotiators Tackle Thorny Relocation Issues Facing Trailer Park Tenants
5-27-2008--New Speaking Limits at Council Meetings Kick In
5-27-2008--City Seeks Stay of Jet Ban Ruling

5-27-2008--City Manager Proposes Record Budget
5-27-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Spread the Risk but Not the Liability

5-23-2008--THE LENS -- A Classy Old Gal

5-22-2008--EXTRA!!! City Settles Farmers Market Case for $21 Million
5-22-2008--UPDATE -- Talarico Confirms Report

5-22-2008--Assault Victim Becomes Year’s 3rd Homicide

5-22-2008--LETTERS -- SMRR and RIFT

5-21-2008--EXCLUSIVE Talarico Could Leave District Soon
5-20-2008--EXTRA!!! City Can Tear Down Slum Building it Seized from Owner
5-20-2008--Anti-Development Initiative Headed for Ballot
5-19-2008--School Board Imposes Strict Moratorium on Confidentiality Clauses

5-19-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Getting Fluffed and Folded by the City

5-16-2008--Large Jets Can Continue to Use Santa Monica Airport, Federal Judge Rules
5-16-2008--THE LENS -- Expediting

5-16-2008--EXTRA!!! City Chops Down Ficus Trees

5-16-2008--Elderly Pedestrian Killed

5-15-2008--Police Search for Suspects in Assault

5-15-2008--EXTRA!!! Treesavers Loses Appeal, City Set to Remove Ficus Trees

5-15-2008--College Board Contemplates November Bond Measure
Tuesday's 5-15-2008--City Council Wrap-Up
5-15-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Rosie’s Girls Awarded $15,000
5-13-2008--City Takes Cleaners to Court
5-13-2008--Ditch Cars for Bikes Thursday, Officials Urge
Teen Wounded in Saturday Shooting
5-12-08--New Experimental Park Set to Open

5-12-2008--WHAT I SAY --When Not to Have an Opinion
5-9-2008--Local Firms Win Kudos for Going Green
5-8-2008--EXTRA!!! Student Complained of Molestation More than Two Years Ago

5-7-2008--Downtown Property Owners to Vote on Plan

5-7-2008--Teacher Charged with Molesting 5 Students Faces Life in Prison
5-7-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Police Crackdown on Buckling Up Kicks Off Next Week
5-5-2008--EXTRA!!! Lincoln Middle School Teacher Arrested for Molesting Students
5-5-2008--Promenade Ringmaster

5-5-2008--WHAT I SAY --
Historical? Hysterical?

5-5-2008--LETTERS -- No Simple Neighborhood Dispute

5-2-2008--EXTRA!!! Walker Resigns Post Amidst Special Ed Controversy
5-2-2008--Council Votes to Study RIFT
5-2-2008--THE LENS -- Treasure Hunter
5-2-2008--LETTER -- Intolerance

5-1-2008--Council Punts Project Back to Commission

5-1-2008--LETTERS: Special Interests and Unspoken Agendas
5-1--2008--Tuesday's City Councl Wrap-Up


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