The LookOut
  August 2007

8-31-2007--Development Agreements Win Over Moratorium
8-31-2007--THE LENS -- Crash

8-30-2007--Council Grounds FAA Plan for Santa Monica Airport
8-30-2007--Los Lobos Add Final Note to Free Concert Series

8-29-2007--More than 100 Rally for Airport Safety
8-29-2007--The Cat’s Meow
8-28-2007--EXTRA!!! Airport Pharmacy Closes Its Doors
8-28-2007--Man Shot in Pico Neighborhood
8-27-2007--Council Set to Pass Emergency Ordinance for Industrial Lands

8-27-2007--WHAT I SAY --
Bay City Mystery: Who Stuck the Knife in LUCE?

8-24-2007--Bayside Board Discusses Future of Boulevards, Traffic

8-24-2007--THE LENS -- Haircut
8-23-2007--Rose Kaufman Blooms in Santa Monica
8-23-2007--Police Looking for Missing Woman
8-23-2007--Roots Music to Rock the Pier Thursday

8-22-2007--Plan to House Homeless Vets Gets Go-ahead
8-22-2007--Residents Believe LUCE is a Lost Cause
8-22-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Prize Purse Announced for 2nd Annual Saint John's Santa Monica 5000 5k & 10k Race
8-21-2007--Airport Neighbors to Oppose FAA Proposal
8-21-2007--Santa Monica Cop to Head Inglewood Force
8-21-2007--OPINION -- California Speaks: We Want Single Payer
8-20-2007--The Changing Face of Ocean Park Boulevard
8-20-2007--Council Asks Staff to Research Appeal Rules
8-20-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Summer's Over
8-17-2007--Planning Commission Keeps Focus on Trailer Park Residents
8-17-2007--THE LENS -- The Wizards Unleashed
8-17-2007--Cool Jazz Sounds Sunday on the City Hall Lawn 
8-16-2007--Civic Center "Village" Plan Gets Go-ahead
8-16-2007--Planning Commission Gets 2 New Members, O’Day Reappointed

8-15-2007--Office Market Tight

8-15-2007--Business Boosters
8-15-2007--LA Council Backs Airport Bill
 8-14-2007--Rock Legend Takes Pier Stage This Week
8-14-2007--Clock Starts for South Beach Historic District

8-14-2007--Council to Tackle Major Development, Key Planning Appointments
8-13-2007--Two Shot in Pico Neighborhood

8-13-2007--Historical Museum Gets Grant for Douglas Exhibit
8-13-2007--WHAT I SAY --
Apropos of Niente
8-10-2007--Putting a Price on Temporary Digs
8-10-2007--THE LENS -- Scavenging Zombies
8-10-2007--Tap Your Way into the Sunset Sunday
8-9-2007--Santa Monica Condos for $200,000
8-8-2007--Catch the Spirit at the Pier Thursday Night

8-8-2007--Jailhouse Rock

8-7-2007--Mechur to be Named to School Board

8-7-2007--Tourism Bureau Hires Irish Firm

8-7-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Journey to the Past and/or the Future  
8-6-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Police Mark National Night Out with Block Party
8-6-2007--State Supreme Court Hands Down Mixed Ruling in Landlord Suit
8-6-2007--“Pedophile” Ordered to Stay Away from Minors

8-3-2007--NEWS FLASH -- Three Stabbed Near Pier
8-3-2007--Enjoy the Feel of Brazilian Carnival on the City Hall Lawn Sunday

8-3-2007--THE LENS -- Rest in Peace  
8-2-2007--Creole and Western Soul at the Pier Thursday Night

8-1-2007--The Mini-Blue Bus Is Calling Us

8-1-2007--WHAT I SAY --
Aerial View

8-1-2007--LETTERS -- Go fast to go slow and go slow to go fast?


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