The LookOut

October 2006

10-31-2006--WHAT I SAY -- The 2006 Election: City Council, Part I
10-31-2006--Holbrook, O’Day Continue to Lead Fundraising Race
10-30-2006--O'Connor Targeted by Coalition; Hit Piece Exposes Rift Within SMRR
10-30-2006--Demonstrators Decry Hotel Ad Campaign
10-29-2006--WHAT I SAY -- Election Matrix 2006
10-27-2006--Hotel Owners Pull Controversial Ad
10-26-2006--McKeown Critic in TV Ad Claims His Views Were Misrepresented
10-26-2006--Billboard Challenge Focuses Spotlight on Finance Law
10-26-2006--Council Incumbents Work to Abide by Letter of the Law
10-26-2006--Correction to Story on City Salaries
10-25-2006--Teen Shot, Four Busted for Drugs
10-25-2006--Santa Monica Beaches Get Mixed Grades
10-25-2006--Hotel TV Ads Hit McKeown
10-25-2006--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Santa Monica Launches Green Business Certification Program
10-25-2006--HEALTH NEWS -- Ask the Doctor at Saint John’s: Attacking Cancer At Every Level
10-24-2006--What Will City Workers Make?
10-24-2006--Council Set to Tackle Budget, Transportation
10-24-2006HEALTH NEWS -- John Wayne Cancer Institute Chosen
10-23-2006--Hotel Owner Makes Campaign to Oust McKeown Personal
10-23-2006--Running for a Good Cause
10-20-2006--EXTRA!!! Weller Found Guilty in Market Crash
10-20-2006--Hit or Miss: Mystery Group Targets College Board Candidate
10-19-2006--Developers Battle Over Differing Points of View
10-19-2006--Saint John’s Gala Raises $900,000
10-18-2006--Affordable Housing Production Down, but Spike Expected
10-18-2006--Council Calls for Sound Check for Street Performers
10-18-2006--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Santa Monica – Malibu PTA Looks to November Election
10-17-2006--Small Changes in Tenant Laws Could Have Big Impact
10-17-2006--Selling Downtown
10-17-2006--Striving for Balance
10-16-2006--John Dean Stands Up to the President, Again
10-16-2006--Charting the Future
10-16-2006-Film Market to Draw Record Numbers
10-13-2006--City Halts Pilot Bathroom Program Downtown
10-13-2006--Council Tackles Traffic Along Ocean Park Boulevard
10-12-2006--Council Expands Smoking Ban
10-11-2006--ELECTION REPORT -- No One Wants to Play with U
10-11-2006--Rent Control 101
10-10-2006--Holbrook, O’Day Lead Fundraising Race
10-10-2006--Council to Take Up Smoking Ban
10-10-2006--HEALTH NEWS -- Ask the Doctor at Saint John’s: New Procedure Cures Painful Back Condition
10-09-2006--Celebrating New Lives
10-09-2006--PUBLIC NOTICE -- CityTV Announces Vote 2006 Election Programming Line-up
10-06-2006--City Takes Steps to Speed Up Building Inspections

10-06-2006--Billboard Sends Voters Message

10-05-2006--Community Court Date Nears
10-05-2006--Council Member Seeks Free Parking for Vets

10-05-2006--LETTERS -- Trading Values for Facts

10-04-2006--City Council Limits Size and Height of New Development, Exempts “Preferred” Projects

10-4-2006--Education Group Weighs in on Local Races
10-3-2006--Council Gives Residents Little Hope Halfway House Will be Moved
10-3-2006--Pedestrian Struck in Sunset Park Crosswalk Dies
10-3-2006--LETTERS -- Politics Should not Take Precedence Over Integrity
10-2-2006--Police Shoot, Arrest Three in Promenade Beating
10-2-2006--ELECTION REPORT -- Reefer Reform


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