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January 2005

1-31--WHAT I SAY: Don't Kid Yourself
1-31--LETTERS: Women Will Lose Out
SPECIAL REPORT PART I: Putting Faces on the Numbers

1-28--MUSIC: An Eclectic Week in Store for Westside Music Venues
1-28--Spate of Burglaries Has Sunset Park Residents Alarmed

1-27--A Sweeping Change
1-26--City Council Moves Ahead with Mall Redevelopment

1-26--EXTRA!!! Paper Mate Writes Final Chapter
1-25--Dateline Tavarua
1-25--OPINION: Education: "Trust Me" and "Trust the People"   1-25--County Set to Launch Homeless Count in Santa Monica
1-25--Woman Shoots Herself in North Side Apartment
1-25--OPINION: Santa Monica’s Soul is at Stake
1-24--Residents Begin Molding the City’s Future
1-24--WHAT I SAY: The Sky's the Limit
1-21--MUSIC: From the Crown City Rockers to the Crescent City’s Jazz King
1-21--Bumpy Road Ahead Under Gov's Proposed Budget
1-21--Dr. Robertson's Farewell
1-20--Madison Theater Breaks Ground
1-19--Funding for Homeless Services Dwindling
1-19--Landlords Seek to Restrict Rent Control to Needy
1-19--HEATH NEWS: Dismantling of Main Wing Scheduled to Begin
1-18--Dr. King Remembered Across Santa Monica
1-17--The Hardest Lesson to Learn
1-17--Two Years After Crackdown, Feeding Program Problems Persist

WHAT I SAY: Follow the Money

1-15--Pickets Pressure Contractor to Drop Non-Union Workers
1-14--MUSIC: Five Best Bets This Weekend; 2004’s Best Shows
1-14--SMRR to Council: Reject Mall Redevelopment
1-14--Council Moves Forward with "Sobering Center" Plan
1-14--Two Middle School Students Robbed

1-13--Council Considers Allowing Dogs on Beaches

1-13--Police Investigate Debit Card Fraud
1-12--Mudslides Close Two City Streets

1-12--City Takes Over Dilapidated Apartment Building

1-10--Aero Launches New Era

1-11--College to Boost Public Use of Field 1-11--Tuesday's Council Agenda
1-9--Local Economy Looking Up
1-10--Tourism Makes Steady Comeback
1-10--WHAT I SAY:

1-9--The Downtown Year in Review
1-9--New Face on the Council Could Help Shape Downtown
1-7--Table Mall Project or Scale It Back, Planning Commission Tells Council
1-7--Less Housing, Fewer Jobs for Homeless, Report Finds
1-6--EXCLUSIVE Public Funding of Anti-Abortion Clinic Raises Questions
1-6--LOOKOUT SPECIAL City of Angels/City of Faith
1-5--Planning Commission Seems Set Against Mall Redevelopment Plan
1-4--Heavy Rains Take Light Toll on City

1-3--Man Killed on Freeway New Year’s Eve
1-3--Suspects Rob Hotel Guests, Try to Run Over Officers
1-3--WHAT I SAY: A Diebenkorn Moment

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