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Women Will Lose Out

January 21, 2005

Dear Editor,

I read your article regarding the Westside Pregnancy Resource Center. This center is a good non profit organization that helps women. (Public Funding of Anti-Abortion Clinic Raises Questions, January 6)

Remember you are a woman too and should be wanting women to be informed of all the decisions they have when they are pregnant. This particular program that you think is so wrong, helps women after they have given birth to their child. It empowers them. What is the problem here?

If women are as strong as I feel they are, then there should not be this great fear among pro-abortion women that they will be pushed into such a decision as keeping their child. I feel women who are given proper information and a little
time do what is best for them. You should want the same.

Your article made me sad, because I realize that if we don't work together to help pregnant women or women in crisis, then women as a whole will loose out.

Jill Clancy

January 19, 2005

Dear Editor,

The article about the WPRC was very encouraging. I'm glad to see that
something is being done about supporting life rather than using killing to
"solve" problem pregnancies.

Bravo to the Board of supervisors for granting $25,000 to the WPRC from the First 5 LA funds to be used for their programs for women who need help when they have a new baby.

Would that there were even more such centers in our great state... perhaps someday there will be. Killing as a solution to problems is what's most wrong with our world today.

Anne Hoffman

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