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July 2004
7-30 -- Council Drives Golf Out of Parks, but Puts Brakes on Bike Ban
7-30 -- Council Inches Toward College Bond Partnership

7-30 -- LETTERS: Better Planning Reduces Need for Transit and More Praise for Prius

7-30 -- Wage Coalition Endorses Slates for School and College Board
7-30 --Ex-centric Sound at the Pier

7-29 -- Park Users Warned of West Nile Virus

7-29 -- Council Doesn’t Pounce on Feline Declawing Ban

7-29 -- Three Arrested in String of Street Robberies

7-29 -- LETTER: Need More Hybrids Not Incentives

7-28--Extra!!! Labor Coalition Makes Election Picks
7-28--Frazier Joins Lookout

7-28--LETTER: Another View of Deasy

7-27--Year’s First Homicide: Premeditated Murder or Self Defense?
7-27--College Bond Could Help Bankroll City’s Capital Projects

7-27--LETTERS: Prius Envy? and Union Needs New Leadership

7-27--School Board Won't Join College Bond Campaign

7-26 -- WHAT I SAY: Feeding the Stereotype
7-23--School District, Teachers Strike Tentative Agreement

7-23--Planning Commission Ties Hefty Benefits Package to Studio Expansion
7-23--MUSIC: McCabe’s Hosts "The Greatest Guitarist Alive"; Randy Jacobs and Sweet Pea Atkinson Shake Harvelle’s to the Bone

7-23--HEALTH NEWS: His Tools of the Trade Bring Worldwide Recognition to Saint John’s Surgeon

7-22--Measure Could Allow More Design Changes After Final Approval
7-21--Planning Commission to Decide Fate of Major Studio Expansion Project

7-21--Graduates Tackle Everything from Chemical Terrorism to Asteroid Collisions
7-21--OPINION: A Report Card You Wouldn’t Want Your Kid to Bring Home
7-20--Field of Council Hopefuls Swells to More than 30
7-20--Center Opens to Help Build "Green" Homes

EXTRA!!! AFM Strikes Deal to Stay in Santa Monica
7-19--City Leaders Disagree with Key Recommendations of Planning Study

7-19--WHAT I SAY: Faux Pastiche Revival
-17--Santa Monica Remembers Market Tragedy
7-17--Council Pours on Mandatory Standards for Multi-family Zones
7-16--EXTRA!!! Judge Tosses Out Suit to Halt Late Night City Council Meetings
7-16--MUSIC: It’s a World Beat Whirlwind on the Westside this Week

7-16--An Attic Full of Wonders

7-15--Three Men Arrested in Pico Neighborhood

7-15--Greens Oppose “Big Blue Brother”
7-15--Sears Likely to Be Designated Landmark in October

7-15--Celtic and California Sounds Meet on the Pier Thursday

7-14--Bank Robber Eludes Manhunt

SPECIAL REPORT Downtown Churches Still Have a Prayer

7-14--Prominent Firm Files Lawsuits in Farmers Market Tragedy

7-14--Chains vs. Independents
7-13--Field of Council Hopefuls Grows to Nearly Two Dozen

7-13--LETTERS: Checks the Facts

7-12--Wilshire-Montana Neighbors Get First Peek at Fairmont Expansion

7-12--Man Wanted for Attempted Sexual Assualt

7-12--WHAT I SAY: Unusual Marketing; Politics as Usual; a Busy Week at City Hall

7-10--Chamber Fires First Volley in Council Race

7-9--SMC Board Takes Next Step for Bond Despite Concerns

7-9--LETTERS: No Surprise and Failures All 

7-9--MUSIC: Celtic and California Sounds Meet on the Pier; The Music of Peter Tosh Celebrated in Malibu

7-8--Brownley Will Not Seek Council Seat

7-8--Audit Reveals Ways to Fix Planning Woes

7-8--Elderly Driver’s Day in Court Set
7-8--LETTERS: Get a Life and Election Concerns

EXTRA!!! Mayor Bloom to Seek Reelection
7-6--Mayor Richard Bloom's Campaign Statement

7-6--Homeless Ruling Won’t Impact Santa Monica
7-5--"Celebrate America" Brings Community Together
7-5--Homeless Man Dies After Fall from Cliffs

7-5--Residents Air Concerns Over Proposed College Bond
7-5--WHAT I SAY: City with a Past
7-5--HEALTH NEWS: Got A Pain in the Neck? New Spine Procedure Could Help

7-2--MUSIC: Harvelle’s Highlights Latino Blues with The Delgado Brothers and Souls Will Wail on the Santa Monica Pier

7-2--More Suits to Be Filed in Farmers Market Tragedy
7-2--Independence Day Celebrations to be Held Saturday

7-1--Top Officials Discuss Proposed $175 Million Facilities Bond

EXTRA!!! Homeless Man Killed in Year’s Second Homicide

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