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March 2003

3-31--SMC Students Join Rally Protesting Cuts
3-31--WHAT I SAY: Back Near Broadway
3-31--OPINION: Iraqi Children Are War’s Greatest Casualty

3-28--Mall Redevelopment Plan Scaled Back

3-28--Proposed Development at McDonald's Site Gets Thumbs up from Bayside

3-27--Council Juggles Capital Projects to Pay for New Library

3-27--Council Bans Smoking, Chewing Tobacco in Parks
3-26--Four Points Workers Launch Unionizing Drive
3-26--Green Treasurer's Action Splits Party Leadership
3-25--Running for a Cause
3-25--Man Arrested in Sexual Assault Case

3-24--LETTERS: Shortcuts and Foodlines
3-24--New Pier Director Gets His Wish

3-24--WHAT I SAY: When Less is Less

3-24--LETTERS: Compassion, Little Voices Can and Foolish Anger
3-22--Library Closes for Good
3-21--EXTRA!!! Voters Say No to Prop A
3-21--Promenade Taskforce Hammers Out Final Recommendations
3-21--Little Voices Denounce War
3-21--OPINION: Re-Entry: "It's in God's Hands"
3-21--LETTERS: No Insult Intended and Telling the Truth
3-20--City Prepares for Emergency as War Begins
3-20--Santa Monica Joins Regional Effort to Tackle Growth
3-20--LETTERS: Absurd Statements and Come to the Aero
3-19--Egyptian Theater Operator Takes Over Aero
3-19--Countdown to Vote Tally Begins
3-19--WHAT I SAY: A Fateful 48 Hours
3-19--OPINION: Follow the Money
3-19--LETTERS: Exposing Planning Commission Abuses, Taking Dispute to Source and Challenging "Tired, Inaccurate, Racists Depictions"
3-19--LETTERS: A Tree Case for Prop A
3-17--Johnson's Family, Friends Bid Final Farewell
3-17--Santa Monica Woman Sexually Assaulted
3-17--WHAT I SAY: Who's Jerking Whom
3-14--More Teachers Laid Off
3-14--OPINION: Backgammon in Baghdad

3-14--Landmarks Commission Moves to Designate Beach House
3-14--OPINION: Big House/Old House: The Evolution of Santa Monica
3-13--Local Sex Offender List Dwindles
3-13--Updated List of Sex Offenders Registered in Santa Monica
3-13--LETTERS: Demonizing Homeowners and Blind Assertions
3-12--SMC Board Slashes Programs, Jobs
3-12--Out of the Doghouse: Landlord Ordered to Pay Tenant Booted from Bootleg Unit
3-12--LETTERS: On the Point and Tenants & Prop A
3-11--Prop A Poised for High Turnout
3-11--Correction to above story
3-11--LETTERS: Bashing McKeown and Beside the Point

3-10--Deadline Looms for Promenade Task Force
3-10--WHAT I SAY: Feel-Good Resolutions and Train Wreck Planning
3-10--LETTERS: A Little History, Signs and What Uncertainty?
3-7--SPECIAL REPORT: Pumping Up the Downtown Economy 9 to 5
3-7--NOMA not Representative, Prop A Supporters Charge
3-7--LETTERS: Fear in the Streets, Hateful Rhetoric and Common Sense
3-7--More Moves and Changes Downtown
3-6--Media Points Finger at Career Criminal
3-6--Santa Monica Students Part of Nationwide Protest
3-6--Two Men Shot in Pico Neighborhood
3-5--Police Zero in on Suspect in Johnson Case
3-5--Planning Inspector Arrested for Taking Bribes
3-5--OPINION: Thoughts of Babylon
3-5--LETTERS: Signs and Hypocrites
3-4--EXTRA!!! Body of Missing Santa Monica Woman Found in Hollywood Hills
3-4--Full Court Refuses to Hear Council Candidate's Appeal
3-3--Man Shot near Pier
3-3--WHAT I SAY: Dedicated to Marco
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