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December 2002

12-30--The Year in Review
12-30--WHAT I SAY: The Domino Effect
12-27--A New Mayor in Bloom
12-27--Police Nab Three Drunk Drivers
12-23--City Officials Hammer Out Plan to Bridge Shortfall
12-23--School Board Joins Deasy's Call to Arms

12-23--Man Stabbed on Pico

12-23--WHAT I SAY: Where Angels Fear to Tread

12-23--Letters: Chamber of Horrors, Speculations and Ask the Voters
12-23--Pedestrian Struck by DUI Suspect
12-20--District Court Won't Rehear ATM Case
12-20--EXTRA!!! School Supt. Proposes Shut Down to Avert More Cuts
12-20--Police to Conduct DIU Checkpoint Saturday Night

12-19--Chamber Votes to Enter Political Arena
12-19--Council to Hike Parking Meter Rates
12-19--Council Tweaks Wording of Homeowner Initiative
12-16--WHAT I SAY: Score Another for the Grown-Ups
12-16--New School Board Makes Initial Cuts
12-16--Police Capture Men Suspected in Auto Theft

12-13--EXTRA!!! Loews, Union Reach "Historic" Agreement
12-12--Council Sets Special Mail Election for Homeowner Initiative
12-12--Council Takes Initial Steps to Reduce Jet Traffic
12-12--Blue Bus Drives Hunger Away

12-11--EXTRA!!! Bloom Elected Mayor
12-11--Landmark Status Ensures Funds for Historic Hall, Life for Big Tree

12-10--McKeown, Bloom to Vie for Mayor
12-10--Smoking, Candles Blamed for Separate Blazes
Throwing Out the Baby with the Bath Water
12-10--SPECIAL REPORT: Dueling Venues
12-9--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: Promenade Holds Steady During Sales Drop
12-9--In Tune with the Downtown Beat
12-9--WHAT I SAY: Can't See the Retail for the Planter Boxes
12-9--Judge Rules Against Vons in a Scanner Violation Case
12-9--Landlords Who Refused Rent Check Settle Harassment Suit
12-6--DA Warns Council Violated Brown Act
12-4--Meet Shane McLoud
12-4--CONCERT REVIEW: As Years Go By, Marianne Faithfull Always Remains Current
12-2--Final Election Tallies Fail to Change Outcomes

12-2--WHAT I SAY: Handsome Sandy
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