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May 2000

5-31--Take the Offensive, Nader Urges Living Wage Supporters

5-31--Cash-strapped School District to Get Double Windfall

5-31--Santa Monica - Above the Norm
5-30--City Dragging Feet on Target Project, Claim ContendsCity Sued Over Program to Limit Simultaneous Construction
5-30--SPORTS: Santa Monica College Football Stars Go On to Pac-10 Schools
LETTERS: Living Wage, Parking and Traffic
5-26--Hundreds Help Loews Hotel Workers Kick Off Union Drive
5-26--Supt. Schmidt Talks About Retirement Decision; Board Weighs In
5-26--MUSIC: Mercury Rises on SM Club Circuit
5-25--City Council Wrap-up
5-25--Sundance to Make Aero Model for Neighborhood Movie Houses
5-24--Supt. Schmidt Announces Retirement
5-24- Sundance Saves Aero Theater
5-24-City Lights Up Crosswalks
5-24-City Gets Rolling With New Wheels
5-23-Caffeine Overload on Montana?
5-23-Pedestrian Homicide Not Gang Related, Police Say

5-22--Pico Businesses B race for Preferential Parking
5-22--Confidential: A Real Reporter and Parlee's Last Stand
5-22--Sports: Samohi's Atako Takes Skills To UC Santa Barbara
5-19--School District Moves to Spiff Up Image
5-19--Planning Commission Sours Sugar's Party
5-19--Victim and Suspects in Year's First Homicide Identified as Santa Monica Residents; Bail Set at $1 Million Each
5-18--Pedestrian Shot in Year's First Homicide
5-18--Where Are We? RAND's Report Card
5-18--SMC's Personnel Commission Chair Resigns in Protest
5-17--Planning Commission Chair Resigns
5-17--City Releases Budget
5-17--Police Looking for Flasher
LETTERS:Dastardly Tactics in a Politically Pristine City and Bathrooms Without Roofs
5-16--Bathroom Roofs, Cows and the Death of the Solar Web

5-16--Architectural Board Delays Vote on Prominent Religious Headquarters
5-16--LETTERS: Living Wage Article Misses Mark; Target Project Hits Bulls Eye
5-15--Wage Petition Battle Nears End: Pinocchio, Skinheads and the Battle of the Troops
5-15--SPORTS: Lacy Becomes Samohi Football Coach and Brings Back Kusserow
5-15--REVIEW: Art on Art: Details, Details
5-12--Rent Board Has No Say In State Mandated Increases, Court Rules
5-12--School Board Takes Safe Bet on Parcel Tax Extension
5-12--Dave and Dan Highlight the Nightlife This Week in Santa Monica
5-11--Closed Meetings Shake Up Neighborhood Council
5-11--Mission Impossible? Local Green Party Launches Senate Campaign
5-11--LETTERS:Targeting Land; Ilona Tribute; A Day At Santa Monica Beach.... Life Vest or Bullet-proof Vest?
5-10--Target Report: New Store Will Make Traffic, Parking Better
5-10--City Avoids Bug's Byte
5-9--State Budget Surplus Makes District Hopes Soar
5-9--Confidential: He's Not Going, But We're on the Story
5-9--Mindful Living: The Angels Are Singing
5-8--School District Silent on College's Controversial Proposal
5-8--SPORTS: Hornish Leads Samohi Girls In Bid For CIF Playoffs
5-8--LETTERS: Case of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black? and Nature's Surprises
5-5--Councilman Rosenstein Not to Seek Reelection
5-5--Full Text of Rosenstein's Announcement Not to Run
5-5--High Stakes: School Board Delays Parcel Tax Vote
5-5--School Board Sets Guidelines for Financial Oversight Committee
5-5--MUSIC:Look, Ma, No Instrument! The Bobs Are Back In Town;The Elvises Paint the Town Red for Cinco De Mayo
5-5--Letters:Council Time is Relative
5-4--City Takes Steps to Purchase Site for Parking Structure
5-3--Letters: A Difference in Process, A Little Strip of the City and Political Game Playing
5-3--Council Hits Wall Over Car Dealership Expansion
5-3--Owner of Phony Employment Agency Convicted
5-3--In Loving Memory of Ilona Jo Katz from Santa Monica College
5-2--City's Fighting Words Fail to Derail College Proposal
5-2--Man Shot Near Beach Lot
5-2--Man Critical After Near Drowning in Municipal Pool
5-1--Up in Smoke: Appellate Court Extinguishes Smoking Appeal
5-1--Santa Monica Bids Final Farewell to Ilona Jo Katz
5-1--CONFIDENTIAL: The Table's Turned
5-1--College Proposal: The Official Correspondence
5-1--LETTERS: Ilona, Parking, College Proposal and Dirty Political Tricks

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