Stop Throwing Stones

October 27, 2022

Dear Editor,

I write in response to Maria Loya’s “Who Are the Real Right-Wig
Conservatives in Santa Monica?”

As a Black woman I am acutely sensitive to racial and gender bias. And
I’m also skeptical of stones thrown by those who live in glass houses.

Ms. Loya is strangely coy when she states “I know Councilman Oscar de
la Torre well...” He is, of course, her husband.

He’s also part of a City Council which, given the opportunity to redress a lack of diversity in the leadership at City Hall, chose two white males to serve as City Manager and City Attorney. So much for the progressive causes of racial and gender justice.

There’s more: Ms. Loya and Mr. de la Torre have been instrumental in
forming the PAC “A Brighter Future,” which supports a slate of four
dissident candidates for the SMMUSD Board.

Guess what? All four are white. (Note: A Brighter Future has not disclosed its donors and expenditures for public review since June 30, in violation of campaign finance law.)

Furthermore, while Ms. Loya decries “marginalizing Democrats of color
for their political positioning,” she and her allies at A Brighter Future have relentlessly attacked the credentials of Alicia Mignano, the only person of color in the school board race.

Perhaps she should be more cautious about accusing others of
fomenting racial injustice and falsehoods.

Nicole Faries
Co-Chair, Community for Excellent Public Schools (CEPS)

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