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Who we are

We are an online portal for the city of Santa Monica. We publish the Santa Monica Lookout and have issued a compilation of Frank Gruber's columns. Reach us by phone, email or post (see contact us).

We were started by veteran journalists in March 1999 in Santa Monica, California in order to offer objective news and information to the city's residents, workers and visitors. See our archive!

Over the years, The Lookout News has mentored journalists starting in the field.

Our senior reporters see the importance of training new reporters to research, investigate, report, fact check and source news stories.

We feel it is extremely important for news to be factual, objective and verifiable.

How we started

We started when Santa Monica lost The Outlook newspaper and its former staff felt the city should not be left without a news source to inform residents. Read about it here.

Why you should care

If where you live matters to you, if you want to stay informed and help shape your city, you should log on and get involved.

What is in the future

We are continuing to include new content, expand and update our site.

How you can help

Help our efforts by advertising on the site. Visit the businesses that advertise with us and are interested in supporting news in Santa Monica.

Let your friends know we are here; email news links to articles they should read.

Contact us for opportunities for work, to volunteer, to help us market the site and to help us fundraise.

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