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May 2009

5-29-2009--Woman Runs Herself Over, Dies
5-28-2009--SPECIAL REPORT Santa Monica Sales Drop in 2008, Trend Expected to Continue
5-28-2009--President Shuts Down Santa Monica Airport
5-28-2009--LETTERS -- Don't Sacrifice Green Space for Library
5-28-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE --Businesses Hit Their Stride with Green Certification

5-27-2009--Proposed $510 Million Budget Maintains Services, Avoids Layoffs
5-27-2009--Arts Festival this Weekend
5-27-2009--City Council Meeting Wrap Up
5-26-2009--Santa Monica to Keep Only Pawn Shop 5-26-
2009--Rock Legends Take Stage for Arts Education

5-25-2009--WHAT I SAY --  Make the County the Solution
5-21-2009--Santa Monica Pier Flunks Water Quality Test
5-21-2009--Heal the Bay's 19th Annual Beach Report Card
5-21-2009--Santa Monica Theater Group Receives First-ever Grant

5-20-2009--Santa Monica Uses Credit Line to Create 143 Affordable Units
5-20-2009--Driver in Felony Hit and Run Still at Large
Affordable Housing Trust Fund Report
5-20-2009--LETTERS -- City Fails to Walk Pedestrian Friendly Talk
5-19-2009--Jet Traffic Nosedives at Santa Monica Airport
5-19-2009--Santa Monica Airport's 2008 Annual Noise Report

5-19-2009--Police Department Launces New Crime Site
5-19-2009--New Police Department Crime Site
5-18-2009--Police Seek Suspects in Friday Shooting

5-18-2009--Pier Sideshow Revives Old-Time Carnival Spirit
Click below to see Pictures of the Pier Carnival in Santa Monica
5-18-2009--WHAT I SAY -- A Quality Start
5-14-2009--Sneak Peek Under the Big Top

5-15-2009--FAA Finds Santa Monica Jet Ban Discriminatory

5-14-2009--Council Picks Winterer to Fill Planning Commission Seat
5-14-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- City Council Meeting Wrap-up
5-13-2009--Residents Plot Future of Civic Center, Downtown

5-12-2009--Appeals Court Blocks Santa Monica Jet Ban
5-12-2009--NEWS FLASH Police Seek Motorist in Felony Hit and Run
5-12-2009--Annenberg Foundation Receives Santa Monica Conservancy Award
5-11-2009--OPINION -- Full funding for Samohi Joint Use Project

5-11-2009--Walking the Walk
5-11-2009--WHAT I SAY -- What to Build, What to Bond

5-8-2009--Ambassadors Set to Hit Downtown Streets
5-8-2009--OPINION -- Give Pico Its Fair Share
5-7-2009--Bumpy Market for Office Leasing

5-7-2009--Santa Monica Place to Open in August 2010
5-7-2009--Downtown Santa Monica Gets New Bathrooms

5-7-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Red Cross Provides Swine Flu

5-5-2009--Pico Leaders to Push for Library Facility on Commercial Strip

5-5-2009--AltBuild Expo Returns to Santa Monica
5-5-2009--OPINION -- Joint Use Offers Unique Opportunity
5-4-2009--Santa Monica Wins Bicycling Award

5-4-2009--WHAT I SAY --
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