The LookOut
  September 2008

9-29-2008--Tree Activist Unchained
9-29-2008--OPINION -- A Shame to Leave This World Early

9-29-2008--Jaycees Celebrate 77 Years of Community Service

9-26-2008--Dem Club Fails to Take Stance on Prop T
9-26-2008--THE LENS -- Let Them Eat Cake
9-26-2008--LETTERS -- No Trouble Collecting and Mixed-Use Confusion
9-26-2008--Woman Killed on PCH
9-25-2008--Council Looks into $45 Million  
9-25-2008--Council Okays “Affordable” Coastal Hotel
9-25-2008--LETTERS -- Prop T Will Have Fiscal Impacts and Meister Should Run in 2010

9-25-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Tuesday's City Council Wrap Up

9-23-2008--WHAT I SAY -- The Next Phase

9-23-2008--Prop T Stirs Debate

9-19-2008--Police, Firefighters Back Council Incumbents, Oppose “T”
9-19-2008--Tuesday's City Council Wrap Up

9-18-2008--Making Sure the City Works

9-18-2008--The Face of Policing

9-18-2008--LETTERS -- Meister Ready to Move On
9-17-2008--Downtown Gets Major Makeover

9-17-2008--Office Market Goes Soft 
9-15-2008--New Clubhouse Breaks Ground, Finally
9-15-2008--SMC Brings Broadway to China
9-15-2008--WHAT I SAY --Those of Her Elk?
9-15-2008--LETTERS -- Quid Pro Quo
9-12-2008--City Workers Back Council Incumbents, Oppose "T"

9-12-2008--THE LENS -- Fräulein
9-11-2008--Bloomingdale’s Seen as Perfect Fit for New Santa Monica Place
9-11-2008--New Officer Walks Baywatch Beat
9-11-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Home Security Tips
9-10-2008--County Dems Back Three Council Incumbents, Challenger

9-9-2008--Are You Prepared?

9-9-2008--Police Urge Parents, Students to Be on Lookout for Potential Predators

9-8-2008--Santa Monica Council Incumbents Put Politics Ahead of Policy

9-8-2008--Appeals Court Dismisses Challenge to Condo Law

9-8-2008--WHAT I SAY --
Of Clubs and Parties

9-5-2008--Can You Hear Me Now?
9-5-2008--Santa Monica Suspect Denies Killings

9-5-2008--OPINION -- Stability and Change
9-4-2008--Santa Monica Activist Arrested in Tree Protest

9-4-2008--A Cause for Modeling  
9-3-2008--Dem Club Endorses Genser, Bloom; Shriver Falls Short

9-3-2008--Local Republicans Weigh in on Palin

9-2-2008--City Charges FAA Can’t Back Up Jet Ban Case

9-1-2008--WHAT I SAY -- The Unseen Place Around the Bend
9-1-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- 30th Christmas in September Benefit for Needy Children Honors Louise Gabriel

9-2-2008--Santa Monica Suspect Tied to Three Killings

9-1-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Commission on the Status of Women Looking for New Members


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