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December 2007
12-20-2007--Mall Remodel Clears Final Hurdle
12-20-2007--City, District Explore Sharing Opportunities

12-19-2007--Edelman Leaves Lasting Legacy, Officials Say
12-19-2007--OPINION -- My Time as Santa Monica's Special Representative for Homeless Initatives

12-19-2007--Landlord Settles with Rent Board

12-18-2007--Lionsgate Has Paws on New Entertainment Studio

12-18-2007--New Pillars for the Community
12-18-2007--OPINION -- Homeless for the Holidays
12-17-2007--Bob Gabriel, Longtime Civic Leader, Dies

12-17-2007--Conservancy Fires Up to Relocate Shotgun House
WHAT I SAY -- Portable Landmark
12-14-2007--Civic Center Village Design Concepts Updated
12-14-2007--THE LENS -- Beach Bird
12-14-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Norton Family Christmas Projects on View at Santa Monica Public Library

12-13-2007--Modern Home Approved in Historic District
12-13-2007--ALERT Police Checkpoint on PCH Saturday
12-12-2007--Smoking Ordinance Gains Steam

12-12-2007--Tuesday's City Council Wrap-Up

12-11-2007--Ficus Trees Landmark Status Waits One More Month
12-11-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Santa Monica Red Cross, ABC7 and Southland Fire Fighters Announce “Spark of Love Toy Drive”
12-10-2007--LUCE Workshop Focuses on Sustainable Transportation
12-10-2007--Landmarks Commission Should Not Designate Trees, Staff Concludes
12-10-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Landmarking Another History
12-10-2007--THE LENS -- Sign of the Times

12-07-2007--Holiday on Ice

12-7-2007--Santa Monica Teen Named CNN “Heroes” Finalist
12-7-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Santa Monica Woodlawn Cemetery & Mausoleum Sponsors 2nd Annual Holiday Tree of Life
12-6-2007--Big Blue Bus Takes Greener Road
12-5-2007--Herb Katz Tapped as Mayor After 17 Years of Council Service
12-5-2007--Pedestrian Killed Crossing Street
12-5-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Rotary Club Donates Textbooks

12-4-2007--Fair Market Wins on Appeal
12-4-2007--Santa Claus Comes to Town
12-4-2007--OPINION -- Academic Rigor and Challenge in SMMUSD: Our High 12-4-2007--School Advanced Placement Program
12-3-2007--Evictions Halted as City Launches into Trailer Park Development Agreement

12-3-2007--WHAT I SAY --
In the Flight Path

12-3-2007--THE LENS --
Eavesdropping at Shutters


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