The LookOut

September 2006

9-29--Drama Queen of the Campus
9-28--ELECTION REPORT -- Righting a Wrong, or Just Plain Wrong
9-27--EXTRA!!! Accounting for Past Mistakes
9-27--Council Approves Funding to Move Free Meals Programs Indoors
9-27-2006--Spinach Is Back At Farmers Markets
9-27-2006--City Makes the Grade for Sustainable Effort
9-26-2006--Proposed Halfway House Stirs Controversy
9-26-2006--ELECTION REPORT -- Clean Water Accord
9-25-2006--ELECTION REPORT -- Much Money, Good Prices
9-25-2006--HEATH NEWS -- Ask the Doctor at Saint John’s: Prostate Cancer -- Put the Odds on Your Side
9-23-2006--Pedestrian Struck in Sunset Park
9-21-2006--EXTRA!!! Santa Monica to Refund Those who Paid Twice
9-20-2006--Building Owners Challenge Local Housing Law
9-20-2006--Sunset Park Residents Step Up Calls for Traffic Signals
9-19-2006--Civic Auditorium Past and Future
9-18-2006--Teaching the Double-Clicker Generation
9-18-2006--Two Motorists Arrested at DUI Checkpoint
9-18-2006--City Settles 415 PCH Case
9-15-2006--SPECIAL REPORT Stepping Back to Move Ahead
9-15-2006--OPINION -- Upbeat on Third Street: City Manager Shares Thoughts on Downtown’s Future
9-15-2006--LETTERS -- What a Difference 6 Days and a Bar-B-Que Can Make: Former Chief Butts Responds
9-15-2006--Opening Up Santa Monica Place
9-14-2006--Council Postpones Vote to Downsize Neighborhoods
9-14-2006--Federal Grant Boosts Anti-gang Efforts
9-13-2006--Westside, Transit Officials Roll Out Big Plans, Seek Votes
9-13-2006--Anatomy of a Crash: Accident Shines Spotlight on Perilous Stretch of Ocean Park Blvd.
9-13-2006--OPINION -- Back to School for PTA
9-12-2006--Dem Club Endorses McKeown, Davis
9-12-2006--All Quiet on Pico Front, Police Report
9-12-2006--HEALTH NEWS -- Ask the Doctor at Saint John’s: Dear Food Diary
9-11-2006--Brushfire Heats Up 415 PCH Neighbors
9-11-2006--District Appoints Deputy Superintendent
9-9-2006--Four Detained After Explosives Discovered on Beach
9-8-2006--Planning Commission Recommends Quickly Down-zoning Residential Areas
9-8-2006--Police Urge Vigilance After Man Follows Teenage Girl
9-7-2006--Placing Importance on the Ballot
9-7-2006--A Sign Boating May Return
9-6-2006--Boating Plan Could Face Environmental Opposition
9-6-2006--Santa Monicans Asked to Give Their Two Cents’ Worth on Homeless Problem
9-5-2006--Scores Continue to Rise at District Schools
9-4-2006--NEWS FLASH!!!
Officers Fatally Shoot Man

9-1-2006--Homeless Shelter Set to Open


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