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March 2002

3-29--Boathouse to Stay Afloat for Two More Weeks
3-29--City Housing Ordinance Discriminatory, Landlords Charge

3-29--All Fired Up
3-28--Suspicious Death is Double Homicide, Suspect Commits Suicide
3-28--Low Interest Rates + AAA Rating = Windfall

3-27--Council Tackles Building Standards
3-27--Back to Barnard Way
3-27--Family Shaken by Violence Speaks Out
3-27--OPINION: Political Correctness out of Control
3-27--Body Discovered in Sunset Park
3-26--Homeowners File Initiative Seeking Say in Landmark Designation
3-26--LETTERS -- Food for Thought, Give Teachers a Voice and Renters' Roulette
3-25--Landlords Applaud State Supreme Court Action
3-25--Man Believed Involved in Santa Monica Shooting Shot in L.A.
3-25--Parents of Stabbing Victim Meet with DA
3-22--Boathouse's Days Likely Numbered
3-22--Workers Lobby School Board for Support
3-22--WHAT I SAY-- Dead Ends
3-22--School Board's Partnerships Inspire Green
3-21--Berkeley Living Wage Ruling Cheers Local Supporters

3-21--Hotel Workers Seek School Board Support
3-20--EXTRA!!! Body Found in Recycling Truck
3-20--Two Men Shot in Pico Neighborhood
3-20--Bayside Ponders Fate of Parking Structure Bathrooms
3-19--Sign of the Times: So Many Apartments, So Few Takers

3-18--More Gun Shots in Pico Neighborhood
3-18--Vandals Break Windows Along Wilshire
3-18--LETTERS -- Two Thumbs Up, The Mugabe of Ocean Park and Rent Control for Yuppies
3-16--$1 Million Bail Remains for Son Charged in Father's Murder
3-15--WHAT I SAY--Hats: On Heads, Over Hearts, and in the Ring
3-14--Youth Take on Organizing
3-14--Thousand Oaks Suspect Arrested in SM
3-14--Police, Neighbors Help Bust SM Criminals
3-13--SPECIAL REPORT: Seeking Change: Homeless on the Promenade
3-13--Walking the Promenade Beat
3-13--Officer Charged with Workers Comp. Fraud to Stand Trial
3-13--Bayside Business: Office Market Slump
3-13--Two Cars Shot in Pico Neighborhood

3-12--Report Chronicles Rising Rents
3-12--Council Candidate Gets Fast Start at Second Shot
3-12--Two-plane Pile Up at Airport
3-12--MORE LETTERS -- Confusion in the Community, "I Still Want to Slap that Guy" and Shaking Up OPCO
3-11--Santa Monica Becomes Ground Zero in Clothing Chain Boycott
3-11--School Board Gives Tentative Approval for Playfield Partnership with City
3-11--LETTERS -- Walk to School, Get an Education and Eternal Vigilance
3-10--Man Shot in Pico Neighborhood
3-10--Lincoln Middle School Teacher Honored
3-8--New School Playgrounds Near Completion
3-8--Broken Down Car Leads to Jail for L.A. Man
3-8--Tenants to Get Smaller Interest Payments; Landlords Vow to Press on with Suit
3-8--WHAT I SAY -- Prop. U (Twists and) Turns?
3-7--Attorneys Roll Out Welcome Mat for New Paper
3-7--School Board Member Savors Art of the Deal
3-7--LETTERS -- "A Better Lincoln" and "Deception and Arrogance"
3-6--Some Parking Relief for Hemmed-in Residents
3-6--EXTRA!!! College Bond Wins in Landslide

3-5--Saint John's Ranks High for Heart Attack Treatment
3-5--Levys 1, City 0 in Round One of Playhouse Suit
3-5--A Monster of a Cookie Tale
3-5--Loews Settles Discrimination Charge
3-4--Meters of the Future Land on Pico
3-4--LETTERS -- Frank Gruber on Prop U: 100% Correct or Words to Choke on?

3-4--MORE LETTERS -- "Slap That Guy," "Shame on You" and "Terrified by Homelessness"
3-2--Explosion, Fire Gut Beachfront Homes
3-2--Preserving History vs. Property Rights
3-1--Auto Burglars Caught in the Act
3--1--WHAT I SAY--The Silence was Golden

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