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"A Better Lincoln" and "Deception and Arrogance"

March 4, 2002

Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Barnett: "Slap That Guy," "Shame on You" and "Terrified by Homelessness," LETTERS, March 4, 2002.

Despite Mr. Barnett's very intelligent opening ('I want to slap this guy'), his passionate defense of the status quo on Lincoln Blvd just isn't convincing. In fact the only thing good about Lincoln Blvd that he can cite is that "It has adequate parking, and is jammed at rush hours."

The reality is Lincoln Blvd is a high-crime, ugly, blighted, traffic-choked stretch of road that is an eyesore in our city. The good news is that it doesn't have to stay this way.

By utilizing the successful attributes of Main St and Montana (traffic calming, bike lanes, pedestrian safety, parking lots behind buildings, good access to public transit, tree-lined sidewalks, etc.) we can create a beautiful and safe Lincoln Blvd that we can all be proud of.

A better Lincoln Blvd is good for all of us, especially the hardware storeowners and auto-repair shops who will prosper from a more beautiful, sustainable, and safe Lincoln Blvd.

Allen Freeman.
Santa Monica

March 3, 2002

Dear Editor,

When I read that Santa Monica College had used Council member Bob Holbrook's name in their literature without his permission ("Frank Gruber on Prop U," LETTERS, March 4) at first I was surprised that such a slick, well-funded campaign would make a blunder as basic as that. But then I realized, it most likely was not a blunder.

The campaign was having trouble getting council members to support the bloated development bond, so why take chances with Holbrook's endorsement -- much safer to print first and pretend to be inept later.

The deception and arrogance involved in the college's campaign also play a big role in its development policy. We saw it years ago when the college tried to use Prop. T bond money to expand in ways that weren't described in the measure. If Santa Monicans are foolish enough to pass Prop. U, we're sure to see the same deception and arrogance in the way they use their new $160 million to overrun our city some more.

Larry Maldonato
Santa Monica

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