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April 2002

4-30--EXTRA!!! After Eight Years, Crime is on the Rise
4-30--Doubletree Reinstates Union Organizer
4-30--Board Okays Funding for Supt.'s Home
4-30--LETTERS -- Holbrook Speaks Out and Trusting Police
4-30--MORE LETTERS -- Going Underground, "You're making this stuff up!" and "Narrow Minded"

4-29--Dogtown Gets its Skatepark
4-29--Santa Monica Looks to Pasadena to Settle Score
4-29--School Board Calculates Ways to Ease Budget Crunch
4-26--Bayside Eliminates Parking Structure Restrooms
4-26--Bayside Approves Center Court Dining

4-26--College Parking Structure that Spurred Lawsuit Opens
4-26--WHAT I SAY -- "Grief Enough to Go Around"
4-25--Council Approves Civic Center Plan
4-25--Chief Butts Speaks Out on Policing Demonstrations

4-25--SMC Board Appoints Bond Oversight Committee
4-24--EXCLUSIVE--Relations Chill Between Once Friendly Neighbors
4-24--"Delegates" Lobby for Union at Hotel
4-24--Police Search for Carjacking Suspect
4-23--Last Stretch of Road Key to Civic Center Plan
4-23--Better Than Christmas

4-23--LETTERS: Playing the Blame Game
4-22--Proposed Bill Closes Ellis "Loophole"
4-22--Bringing Youth Issues to the Table
4-22--New Principal, CEO for Samohi
4-22--UPDATE: Oil-soaked Rags Ignited Firehouse Blaze
4-19--EXTRA!!! Fire Erupts at Fire Station
4-19--Bayside Safety Committee Kicks Out Hacky Sac Ban
4-19--School Board Faces Tough Budget Decisions
4-19--WHAT I SAY -- The Light of Day

4-18--Police Rally Neighborhood Crime Fighters
4-18--Bittersweet Celebration for Stabbing Victim

4-17--Rent Board Wants More Charter Changes
4-17--Bayside Board to Address Public Safety on the Promenade
4-17--LETTERS--Buses, Helicopters and Cars

EXTRA!!! 50-year Cruise Ends for Boathouse
4-16--Pratt Won't Seek Reelection
4-16--Green Blue Buses Hit the Street
4-15--Rallying Controversy
4-15--Quiet Helicopter Creates Plenty of Buzz
4-15--Council Adds Teeth to Building, Zoning Enforcement
4-15--LETTERS--Awash in Alcohol and Missing the Point
4-15--MORE LETTERS: OPCO Sets Record Straight
4-12--History Comes Alive for Student Protestors

4-12--WHAT I SAY--Black Diamonds, Ice, Thin Cover

4-11--Green Light for Downtown Parking Plan

4-11--Civic Still a Landmark

4-11--Outdoor Dining Plan Tackles Two Thorny Issues
4-10--Suspense, Intrigue, Politics as Council Appoints Members to Promenade Task Force
4-9--Second Time's a Charm as Council Approves Disabilities Commission

4-9--It's Déjà Vu for Landmarks Commission

-- PART I: Drug, Alcohol Use Up Among Older Teens, District Survey Finds
PART II: Prevention Programs, Involvement Key to Tackling Teen Drug, Alcohol Use

4-9--A Teen's Wild Ride Ends with a Bang
4-8--Graffiti Hits Pico Neighborhood, Again

4-8--LETTERS: Boxed In and Ridiculous Policies
4-8--Man Robbed at Gunpoint
4-5--Increased Appeals Give Planning Commission Final Design Say

4-5--WHAT I SAY--Landmarking

4-4--Landmarks Study Session Pits Homeowners and Commissioners
4-4--Disability Commission Gets Recommendation, Again
4-3--EXTRA!!! Teenager Charged in Maran Murder
4-3--Familiar Tenant Battle Cry Raised Statewide
4-3--MORE MAIL: Pro Choice Preservation
4-3--Garment Workers Go High Tech with SMC Program
4-3--Open Door, Trail of Evidence and no Suspects
4-2--EXTRA!!! Judge Tosses Out City's Challenge to Political Reform Law
4-2--Study Finds Fair Housing Abuses Down, Tenant Harassment Up
4-2--LETTERS -- Politically (In)Correct and What Diversity?
4-2--Firefighter Hurt in 9th Street Blaze
4-1--SPECIAL REPORT -- Mean Streets
4-1--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: Construction Criticism
4-1--Getting Around
4-1--The Ambassador

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