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October 2000
10-31-2000--Planning Commission Turns Down Target Store
10-31-2000--Hotels Switch Funding from Prop KK to Council Race

10-30-2000--Hotels Cease Prop KK Campaign; Opponents Skeptical

10-30-2000--State Increases Special Education Funds
10-30-2000--SPORTS: Inglewood Was Simply Too Good For Samohi
10-30-2000--SM CONFIDENTIAL: Assessor Road Show, Joe Who? and Sign Bandit Update
10-30-2000--LETTERS: Casting the First Stone and Drawing
the Homeless
10-29-2000--BofA, Wells Fargo ATMs Back in Service for Non-Customers
10-27-2000--Power Outage Leaves Many Downtown Businesses in the Dark
10-27-2000--Explosion Sparks Raging Fires, Flying Glass
10-27-2000--New Pilot Program Brings Music to School Kids

Explosions Rock Downtown, Knock Out Power to Much of City; No Major Injuries Reported
10-26-2000--Bay Watch: Santa Monica Beach Gets High Grades for Summer
10-26-2000--Lowering Thresholds Could Chill Housing Construction, Developers Warn
10-26-2000--Dark Lights, Little City: So Cal Edison Tackles Rodents, Birds and City
10-26-2000--Red Ribbon Week for Police
10-25--2000--Council Approves Funding Plan for Police Facility
10-25-2000--Airport Gets New Noise Monitoring System
10-25-2000--And You Thought Jets Were Loud: Sonic Boom Rattles Windows, Nerves
10-24-2000-Opponents of Prop KK Turn to Biblical Prophets
The Other Side of the Law: Former City Attorney Says Brush with Police Cause for Concern
10-24-2000-OBIT: Services for Father of City's First African American Mayor Held Earlier This Month
10-23-2000--Second Term-Limit Initiative in Two Weeks Filed
10-23-2000--Filling the Funding Hole for Public Safety Facility
10-23-2000--SPORTS:Samohi Wins to Set Up The Most Important Game
10-23-2000--CONFIDENTIAL: Dirty Charges, Signs of Election Time, Calling the Kettle Black

10-23-2000--LETTERS: Fund Raising, Target, Term Limits and Playhouse
10-20--2000--Westside Rapist Put Behind Bars

10-20-2000--Target Decision Delayed as Speakers Weigh in on the Proposed Downtown Project
10-20-2000--Longtime Community Activist Dies
10-19-2000--Opponents of Prop KK Denounce Million Dollar Campaign
10-19-2000--Motorist Who Killed Two Pedestrians Charged with Misdemeanor
10-19-2000--Donor Gives $2 Million to St. John's
10-19-2000--SAMOHI/District Win National Grant
10-18-2000--The Battle of the Books
10-18-2000--Staff Recommends Denial of Target

10-17-2000--Thar She Blows: Sheared Hydrant Creates Geyser on Pico
10-17-2000--Pedestrian Killed by Motorist Identified
10-16-2000--School and College Board Candidates Race for Funds
10-16-2000--LETTERS: Zane on Katz, Target and Countering Bloom on Playhouse
10-16-00--SPORTS: Samohi Must Deal With First Loss of Season
10-13-00--City, Family Hit Brick Wall on Playhouse Suit
10-12-2000--Council Candidates Cash In on Contributions
10-12-2000--Club Sugar Hits Sour Note With Council
10-12-2000---- Hotels Double War Chest for Ballot Initiative
10-11-2000--The District's Top Ten: Teachers Honor Their Own
10-10--2000--Supporters of Anti-Corruption Initiative Get Final Say in Ballot Arguments
10-10---2000--More Letters: Playhouse, SMMR'S Legacy, Steering Away and the Homeless
10-09-2000---Prop KK Backers Seek Council Term Limits
10-9-2000--Promenade Braces for Big Mac Attack
10-09-2000--SPORTS: Samohi Wins Again; Receiver Chris Gary Praises Coaches
10-09-2000--LETTERS: Bloom and Others Weigh in on Playhouse, Plus More on Elections
10-6-2000--Making the Grade and Then Some
109-6-2000--Council Okays Disabilities Task Force
10-6-2000--Music: Local Clubs Send In The Clones
10-5-2---Paramedic's Call Leads to Drug Cache

10-5-2000--Council Green Lights College Parking Structure; Gives Final Go-ahead to RAND
10-5-2000--Out With the Old In With the New
10-5-2000--LETTERS: Promenade Trees, Hotel Owners, Playhouse, Homeless, Sundance and ATMs
10-2-2000--School District's Two Unions Endorse Escarce, Davis and Jordan
10-2-2000--Council Candidates Tackle the Living Wage, the RAND Land and Preferential Parking
10-01-2000--Promenade Trees Slated for Costly Removal
10-2-2000--Council Delays Living Wage Decision
10-2-2000--SPORTS:Gordon's Ankle Broken, But Samohi's Spirit Remains High
10-2-2000--LETTERS: Good News, Playhouse and Boathouse

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