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January 2000

1-31--Businesses Race to Save Signs
1-31--Schools, Airplanes and Buildings
1-29--South Side Rapist Caught

1-29--Fire Consumes Popular Gym; Owners Vow to Bounce Back

1-28--Landlord Withdraws Ellis Filing, Tenants Celebrate
1-28--Music:From Rock to Reggae and Bluegrass to Blues-A-Billy, Santa Monica's Got Music for Every Taste
1-27--Council Appoints New Planning Commissioner
1-27--Park Expansion Gets Go Ahead; Council Moves to Meet With School Board

1-26--City Hires Lone Bidder and Advocate to Study Living Wage
1-26--Schools Fair Fairly Well in API
1-26--Airport Commission Approves Extended Lease for "Model" Tenant
1-25--Find Research Team to Conduct Living Wage Study and Beware the Legal Pitfalls, Staff Tells Council
1-25--Advisory Council Calls for Greater Communication Between City and School District
1-22--District Lays Out Plan for Shrinking Shortfall

1-21--Free Radio Santa Monica?
1-21--LAWEEKLY: Spare Parking, Anyone? Santa Monica could be forced to provide free beach parking
1-21--MUSIC: Texans, tomlin, Tin Roof and Tarantula on Tap in town This Week

1-20--School Board Member Contemplates Change of Dais
1-19--Council Overhauls Repair Shop Ordinance
1-19--Schools Top Council's Funding Wish List
1-19--Watchdogs Tapped By District's Financial Task Force
1-18--Republican Top Fundraiser in Bid for Kuehl's Seat

1-17--Amended Law Spurs Evictions

1-17--Catching Up On The Mail: Schools and Airplanes
1-14--Crosswalk Accident Waiting to Happen
1-14--Hazmat Scare a Wash

1-13--SAMOHI Principal to Step Down

1-13--What Do Santa Monicans Think About Their City?
1-12--Santa Monica Goes Coastal
1-12--Parents' Plea to Council: Bail Out Our Schools
1-12--RAND Unveils Plans for New Headquarters
1-10--Living Wage Proponent Submits Only Bid to Study Issue
1-10--City Preps Residents to Defend Beach Parking Zones
1-10--No More Fires to Put Out
1-7--School Board Says Spend Less, Find More Students
1-7--Planning Commission Sets Stage for Shorter Beach Hours
1-7--Whiffenpoofs Pack House for Barnum Hall Benefit
1-6--City Goes All Out to Save Beachfront Preferential Parking; Coaches Residents, Threatens Suit
1-6--School Board Begins Shaving Dollars Off Budget
1-6--Letters:Catching up on the mail
1-4--Appeals Court Denies Request to Rehear Santa Monica Police Case
1-4--Silent Night
1-4--City Finance 101
1-4--Music Picks of the Year
1-4--Santa Monica Historical Society Museum Awarded $25,000
1-3-99Santa Monica's First Millennium Baby
1-3--Whiffenpoof Performance to Benefit Barnum Hall

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