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February 2000

2-28--LETTERS: Former Mayors Had It Coming; School Budget Problems and the Scoop on the Real Poop
2-25--Cop Arrested for Posing as Hit-man Pleads Not Guilty
2-25--Santa Monica Cop Arrested for Posing as Hit Man
2-25--School Board Okays Strategic Move
2-25--Rusty's Gets Early Jump on Mardi Gras, Deja Voodoo Casts a Bluesy Spell at Harvelle's and McCabe's ‘Ronks' Out with a Legendary Folkie
2-24--School Board to Consider Surprise Move to Pave Way for City Funding
2-24--Evicted, Jobless Man Leaps to His Death
2-24--Live from City Hall...The Big Show (or what the cameras didn't capture)
2-23--Last-minute Maneuver Delays City's $2.1 Million Grant to Schools
2-23--Parent Sleuth Found District's Newest Shortfall
2-21--Schools Another $1 Million Short, District Announces on Eve of Key Council Vote

2-21--Cell Phones Proposal Triggers Calls to Action
2-21--Letters: Affordable Shopping, Condo Conversions, Speed Bumps and Music Cuts
2-21--Drescher Remembered by Friends and Family
2-18--Board of Education Tackles Parcel Tax, High School Testing
2-18--MUSIC: Pseudo-Stones, Ersatz Zep Team Up For Tribute Show at 14 Below; Carl Roberts does Double-duty with NBO and Samurai Homeboys
2-17--UPDATE:Council Green Lights Traffic Plans
2-17--City Terminates Officer Shot in Lover's Quarrel
2-17--Most Pedestrians at Fault in Fatal Accidents
2-17--In LAWeekly: Getting the Boot Evictions make Santa Monica a mean place for tenants
2-17--LETTERS:Cleaning Up The Dirt, Crosswalk Stings and School Crisis
2-16--Survey Shows Department Store on Target with Residents
2-16--City to Study Disconnecting Cell Phones in Cars
2-15--Memorial Service Set for Santa Monica Philanthropist
2-15--Catching up on The Mail: Uncovering Dirt
2-14--Sign Board Makes Final Choices, Then Disbands
2-14--Flinging Dirt Part II: The Official Conspiracy

2-11--Workshop Turns Into Rally Against School Cuts
2-11--Bouncing Back; Broadway Gymnastics to Hold Pep Rally
2-10--Council Ends Snap, Crackle and Pop
2-10--Suspected Southside Rapist Pleads Not Guilty
2-10--Council Green Lights Red Light Enforcement
2-10--Former City Manager, Local Rabbi and Entertainment Industry Members to be Honored for Diversity
2-9---Take the Politics Out of the School District, New Parents Group Pleads
2-9--More Signs May Avoid Extinction

2-8--Board Rejects Project to Rehab Site of Public Art
2-7--Colliding Views on Red-Light Cameras
2-7--Flinging Dirt
2-4--School Board Banks on District's Allure
2-4--Music: Disco Denizens' Delight, Rev. Carl Roberts' Soulful Services and the Quiet Return of Quicksilver

2-3--Letters:Gym Fire, Music and Teachers Contract

2-3--No Mystery Here: The "RAND Report" Revealed
2-2--Pico Neighborhood Sets Sights on Future
2-2--SMC Trustees Greenlight 10 % Raise for Faculty

2-2--Few Fight to Keep Signs; High Price and Little Notice Cited

2-2--Mindful Living
:A Room With A View
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