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Council Approves Contracts for Gas, Wood and Temp Workers


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By Jorge Casuso

March 4, 2024 -- The City Council last Tuesday approved contracts to gas up the City's fleets, provide lumber for the Pier and hire temp workers for the Building and Safety Division.

The largest contract -- totaling $3,161,991 over a four-year period with Falcon Fuels, Inc. -- would provide about 150,000 gallons of unleaded fuel a year for more than 250 vehicles and equipment.

They include emergency response vehicles in the Fire and Police departments and hybrid vehicles in the Department of Transportation (DOT), according to a staff report to the Council.

"Unleaded fuel usage should continue to decline as the City shifts to hybrid and electric vehicles," staff wrote, "with current fiscal year usage estimated at 31,250 gallons."

The current unleaded 87 fuel price is about $3.49, including various taxes and fees, staff said.

The Council also approved two contracts totaling $625,000 to fill positions while vacancies persist in the City's Building and Safety Division.

"Building and Safety staff have found it difficult to provide services to customers in acceptable timeframes during the past few years due to temporary staff vacancies," staff wrote.

"This has resulted in wait times for customers to receive inspections increasing from two or three days to two to four weeks."

The Plan Check section also "has been unable to meet service level goals due to temporary and long-term staff vacancies," staff said.

The service delays "have meant extended wait times to receive an approved set of plans, which delays construction and costs customers."

To fill the vacancies, the Council authorized a $375,000 contract for temporary staffing services with True North Compliance Services, Inc. and a $250,000 contract with Willdan Engineering.

"These services would only be utilized when temporary vacancies exist within the Building and Safety Division," staff said.

The Council on Tuesday also approved a $120,000 a year contract with Ganahl Lumber with four additional one-year renewal options for pressure-treated Douglas Fir lumber for the Pier.

According to staff, the Pier's maintenance crew replaces approximately 100 boards a month "to mitigate damage caused by vehicles, exposure to the elements, and general usage."

"If the boards are not replaced regularly, the deterioration of the wood may lead to safety hazards, reduced load-bearing capacity, and more costly repairs to maintain the Pier’s functionality.

The lumber -- which "has the highest strength to weight ratio of any commonly produced wood species" -- is also used by contractors "performing Pier structural repairs to reduce contracted services costs," staff said.

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