Let the Voters Decide

June 2, 2022

Dear Editor,

Regarding Peter Borreson’s response (“LETTERS — Slow-Growth Heads Are Spinning,” June 1, 2022).

If anyone's head is spinning, let me reach out to fix your focus on the one issue immediately at hand.

That’s right, I’m not yet going to argue over what’s a reasonable amount for a transfer fee on ultra-high-end property sales, or whether some of the money should go to our schools. I’m sure there’ll be robust community debate before the November election.

Right now, the question is whether it’s wise for the City Council to preempt the affordable housing funding measure for which thousands of residents have signed official petitions.

Such preemption would likely be seen by the state as lack of good faith in pursuing affordable housing production, and could goad California housing officials into greater intervention against our local zoning, perhaps even choosing to make an example of us.

The City Council should politely shelve Phil Brock’s suggestion for a poison pill. . . allow the residents’ petitions for a ballot measure that funds affordable housing to go forward. . . and then, let the voters decide.

Kevin McKeown

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