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Selective Criticism Shows Bias

July 28, 2021

Dear Editor,

I am a CPA who has been a partner in an international firm as well as raise money for emerging businesses. I have never used either CPA or Master in Mathematics after my name because I don’t need those designations to define me or elevate myself in front of other people.

I found Mr. Delinger's letter disingenuous for two very important reasons:

Reason 1 -- As he knows from his ethics classes, conflict of interest is a very delicate subject as it could be explicit or implicit.

To avoid all potential issues it is best to disclose the relationship and let the user of the information make his or her own decision. That is exactly what Councilmembers Parra and Brock did in overtly supporting Councilmember De La Torre.

Reason 2 -- What I also find interesting is that to my knowledge Mr. Dellinger has not had any letters published criticizing the relationship between Mr. Soloff and Mayor Himmelrich and the implicit conflict of interest that exists.

Furthermore, he also refrained from exposing Councilmember Davis' vote on the Fairmont project when her husband is employed by the owner of the property.

What I have learned after observing people over my 47 years of business is that people that criticize people selectively are biased.


Horace Hertz

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