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Ethically Unsuited for Political Office

July 27, 2021

Dear Editor,

As a partner in CPA firms for nearly 50 years, let me pose a question for the reader:

Would you believe I had no ‘conflict of interest’ if I was performing an audit of the financial statements of a business or non-profit entity where my wife was the owner, or merely the person who managed the bank accounts and prepared those statements?

Or, better yet, if you were suing my wife for malpractice for massive penalties imposed on you as the result of her negligent preparation of your tax returns, would you feel that I had a conflict of interest if I testified against your claims on behalf of my wife?

In either of these two situations, would you believe that my participation was unethical? I suspect you would and you would believe that anyone that supported my quest to perform services would be blatantly ignoring an obvious ethical conflict of interest.

Folks, this a precisely the type of behavior that two Council members, Christine Parra and Phil Brock, engaged in and endorsed last Thursday night ("De la Torre Has Conflict in Voting Rights Suit, Judge Rules," July 23, 2021).

That's when they voted to pave the way for Councilmember Oscar de la Torre to vote in the matter of his wife, Maria Loya's, voting rights lawsuit against our City.

In doing so, the two Councilmembers placed their "politics" beyond any recognition of a moral obligation to the very voters they pretend to represent.

Presenting themselves as the "saviors" of the City from years of the machine politics of Santa Monicans for Renters Rights (SMRR), Parra and Brock displayed comparative authoritative political Ham-handedness that would actually embarrass a large number of strident SMRR political operatives over many years.

What that behavior implies is that neither is qualified to serve in the office they hold. Not to even begin with the continuing craven political conduct of de la Torre.

Kip Dellinger, CPA
Santa Monica


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