American Red Cross and MyRapidMD Corp Sign Strategic Alliance

MyRapidMD Corporation and the American Red Cross announced a strategic partnership this week to raise awareness of and for MyRapidMD’s award winning Emergency Service Profile (ESP) cell phone application and to help raise funds for the American Red Cross’s many disaster relief programs.

ESP helps individuals and families be prepared for that in case of emergency moment by having the right information at the right time. And what better device to have this information stored on than the one thing we all have with us, the cell phone.

MyRapidMD has created a special promotional code ARCSM, which when used to sign up for the ESP cell phone application and service will provide a 20% discount. Additionally, the Santa Monica chapter of the American Red Cross will receive a donation equal to 20% of the sale price when this promotional code is used. Once you have installed ESP on your cell phone you will receive four reminders a year to update your ESP information, at least once a year this update will also remind you to donate blood.

People can sign up to install MyRapidMD’s ESP application on their cell phones at: 

Mr. Mark White, President MyRapidMD and Mr. John Pacheco Executive Director American Red Cross of Santa Monica, both agreed that partnering with the American Red Cross was strategically a logical decision.

“This is such a natural fit for us as an organization. Emergency preparedness is our business and the more people that put MyRapidMD’s ESP application on their phone the better prepared we will all be.

We plan on working closely with MyRapidMD, which will include making ESP part of our emergency preparedness training programs, informing the local community and other emergency preparedness organizations about the ESP application and service. MyRapidMD and the ESP application are all about being prepared, and so is the American Red Cross said Mr. John Pacheco.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with the American Red Cross said Mr. White, and look forward to strengthening and building upon this relationship as our business grows. We too saw this as a natural fit for our company and the opportunity to get involved and help one of the globes most giving organizations was as obvious to us as it was to the Red Cross. These are exciting times for us as a company.”

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