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The Santa Monica Lookout, Santa Monica, California -- January 2016

Santa Monica Mayor Vazquez Says State Of City Is 'Strong'
January 29, 2016 -- In his first State of the City address, Santa Monica Mayor Tony Vazquez said Thursday the City made big strides forward over the past year, including enhancing mobility on multiple fronts, steering the Colorado Esplanade and California Incline construction projects to completion, and making the City the second in the region to adopt a $15 an hour minimum wage.

Council Pleased with Santa Monica City Manager, Mayor Says
January 29, 2016 -- Santa Monica is “blessed” to have Rick Cole as its city manager, Mayor Tony Vazquez said on Tuesday following a closed-session evaluation of Cole during the City Council meeting.

Santa Monica Recovery Program Shows Off Remodeled Men's Residence
January 29, 2016 -- CLARE Foundation officials showed off newly remodeled residential quarters for men clients during an open house Thursday at the drug and alcohol recovery program on Pico Boulevard.

City of Santa Monica Sets Sights on $86 Million in Capital Improvements
January 28, 2016 -- The City’s Big Blue Bus system, fire safety, replacing old government vehicles, fixing up parks and updating technology all share big chunks of spending in an $86 million blueprint for making capital improvements this fiscal year.

Pico Branch Library Becomes Second Most Visited in Santa Monica System
January 28, 2016 -- The Pico Branch Library, the first addition to the Santa Monica Public Library system in more than half a century, is now the second-most visited, officials said Tuesday in an update.

Santa Monica Commission on Women Sets Slate of Events for Women's History Month
January 28, 2016 -- Santa Monica's Commission on the Status of Women, which has been active in the City since 1981, is sponsoring and co-sponsoring a wealth of educational and physical fitness events for the upcoming Women's History Month, organizers announced.

Activist Group Finds City of Santa Monica Abuses Own Campaign Limiting Driving and Parking Downtown
January 27, 2016 -- The City of Santa Monica is abusing its own campaign to limit driving and parking downtown, with more municipal employees than ever coming and going to their offices in the badly congested area, a local activist group has found.

VA Chief McDonald Will Unveil Long-Awaited Plan For Homeless Veterans
January 27, 2016 -- A year after former Santa Monica Mayor Bobby Shriver and Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald announced a comprehensive plan to help homeless veterans in the county, McDonald is set to provide details this week for “a collective path forward to help homeless veterans,” an agency spokesman announced Tuesday.

Santa Monica’s Pacific Park Begins Celebration of 20th Birthday
January 27, 2016 -- Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier is starting a months-long celebration of its upcoming 20th birthday with the rollout of a new logo, some fresh painting, new lighting for the Ferris wheel and other changes, officials said Tuesday.

Santa Monica City Council Incumbents Mostly Quiet on Potential Re-Election Bids
January 26, 2016 -- Four Santa Monica City Council seats will be on the line in November, but how many incumbents will be competing for them remains a mystery.

Police Release Sketch Of Suspect In Santa Monica Sexual Assault
January 26, 2016 -- After a year that saw more than 870 people assaulted in the City, the second-most reported crime in 2015, Santa Monica police investigators are asking the public for help in finding the person behind a recent violent sexual assault along the beach at sunset earlier this month.

Santa Monica Student Is National Chess Champion
January 26, 2016 -- At age 13, Danial Asaria is making his mark in the world of amateur competitive chess.

Santa Monica Year-End Unemployment Down from Previous Years
January 25, 2016 -- Santa Monica’s unemployment rate was at 4.9 percent in December, lower than it has been in any previous December since 2010 (the earliest year data are immediately available), according to preliminary data from the California Employment Development Department (EDD).

Volunteers Can Sign Now For Santa Monica's Homeless Count
January 25, 2016 -- Los Angeles County now has a strategy in place to end homelessness, but first officials need to know the actually size of the population living on the streets.

Santa Monica and Malibu School Officials Explore Preschool For All
January 25, 2016 -- Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District leaders are exploring a plan to provide preschool at every elementary school as part of a new early learners “pathway” program

Advisory Group Releases Plan For Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
January 22, 2016 -- Two years after convening in 2013, a nine-member City Council-appointed committee tasked with creating a viable plan to save and renovate the Santa Monica City Auditorium has released its final recommendations.

Santa Monica Nonprofit Treatment Center Announces Open House
January 22, 2016 -- CLARE Foundation, a nonprofit Santa Monica drug and alcohol treatment center, will hold an open house and offer public tours of its newly renovated and improved Men's Treatment Program facility, the organization announced.

Conviction Closes Book On Violent Street Assault in Santa Monica
January 22, 2016 -- Police have closed the book on a violent attempted car-jacking case, announcing this week the 30-year state prison sentence of their prime suspect in the 2012 assault.

Working Group Calls for Help from the Rich
January 21, 2016 -- After 18 months of analysis, a working group established to guide recreation of Santa Monica’s historic, but now shuttered, Civic Auditorium is calling for help from philanthropists, the affluent city’s entertainment community and others in the private sector.

Santa Monica College Students Earn MLK Education Awards
January 21, 2016 - -A diverse group of Santa Monica College students earned the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Westside Coalition 2016 Education Awards at this week's celebration honoring King's birthday.

Santa Monica College Planetarium Salutes America's Gemini Space Missions
January 21, 2016 -- Sputnik 1 woke America to space exploration when the USSR launched the satellite into orbit in 1957, but by the time the Gemini program began just seven years later, the nation was well on the way toward a moon shot.

Correspondence to Santa Monica Council Now Posted Online
January 20, 2016 -- Letters, emails and other correspondence sent to the Santa Monica City Council will be easier for the public to find now, with City officials making good on a motion from last year to post all of the information online.

Public Offered Warnings and Safety Tips as Expo Line Debut in Santa Monica Nears
January 20, 2016 -- Santa Monica police are hosting two sessions with the public aimed at teaching everyone from drivers to skateboarders how to co-exist safely with the Expo Light Rail, which makes its debut this spring.

Santa Monica Council Considers More Protections from Ellis Act Evictions
January 20, 2016 -- The eviction of a single mother and her young son in the middle of the school year has prompted the Santa Monica City Council to look at whether it can expand the length of time such families are allowed for relocation under provisions related to the state Ellis Act.

Saga of Santa Monica's Shotgun House Ends Back on Second Street
January 19, 2016 -- Whoever lived in the historic Shotgun House when it was just a small wooden shack on Second Street in Ocean Park back in the 1890s would marvel at the hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours that went into saving it and moving it just up the street.

Santa Monica Realtor Compares Rent Board Appointment to ‘The Godfather’
January 19, 2016 -- Last Thursday’s Santa Monica Rent Control Board meeting took an unusual turn when local Realtor Elaine Golden-Gealer made a PowerPoint presentation featuring scenes from “The Godfather” and a nuclear test explosion.

Santa Monica Gets New Rep On Bay Restoration Commission
January 19, 2016 -- For the first time in more than two decades, the City will have a voting member on the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission Governing Board with the appointment of Council member Kevin McKeown as the Westside cities' representative, the City announced.

City Goes Car Shopping and Buys 22 New Cop Cars
January 15, 2016 -- It's not known whether they'll kick the tires first, but City officials are purchasing a fleet of new sedans and SUVs to replace police and fire vehicles that have reached the end of the road.

State Effort to Cut Greenhouse Emissions Could Provide Boon for Santa Monica
January 15, 2016 -- Laws passed in 2014 to cut greenhouse gas emissions from buses and other public transportation could provide Santa Monica with a steady revenue source to help pay for Big Blue Bus line services.

Orchestral Concert In Santa Monica To Fight World Hunger
January 15, 2016 -- It's a chance to experience orchestral music played live by some of the best professional muscians and top-rated amateur players while simultaneously helping to provide food, water, medicine and other needed supplies to people in need around the world.

City to Query Residents On Affordable Housing Funding Options
January 14, 2016 -- If the City is to be a serious player in the affordable housing market, it needs to invest $7.5 million a year from its own annual general fund to keep rents within reach of its lowest-income residents, Santa Monica's housing and economic director said this week.

New Campaign To Keep Kids Away From Alcohol Kicks Off In Santa Monica
January 14, 2016 -- A campaign aimed at making it harder for minors to get alcohol will kickoff this week in Santa Monica, organizers said.

Santa Monica City Council Votes to Hike Hourly Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour by 2020
January 14, 2016 -- The Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday approved raising the minimum wage for employees of most businesses there to $15 per hour by 2020, aligning the City for the most part with new laws for higher pay in Los Angeles City and unincorporated Los Angeles County.

Downed Power Lines in Santa Monica Alley Leave Thousands of Customers Temporarily in the Dark
January 13, 2016 -- Downed and arcing power wires at a transformer in a Santa Monica alley on Tuesday evening left thousands of customers of Southern California Edison in the dark for about five hours, officials said Wednesday.

Santa Monica and other Cities Asked to Take Larger Role in Helping the Homeless
January 13, 2016 -- Santa Monica and other cities in Los Angeles County are being asked to shoulder a larger – and potentially costlier – role in the region’s effort to help the tens of thousands of homeless people officials scrambled to shelter during last week’s pounding El Nino storms.

More Hazardous Conditions Forecast for Santa Monica Ocean Waters
January 13, 2016 -- Santa Monica’s ocean waters continued to experience high waves and rip currents Tuesday, triggering a new warning of hazardous conditions even as the Southland enjoyed clear skies after last week’s pounding by El Nino.

Santa Monica Fire Department Getting $1.2 Million In Equipment
January 12, 2016 -- Santa Monica firefighters are getting more than $1.5 million in new equipment and gear to ensure they're ready and fully prepared for tackle emergencies.

Clean Up Drive on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica Hauls Away Nearly 15,500 Pounds of Trash
January 12, 2016 -- A project that make Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica into a corridor that is more visually appealing and people pleasing is off to a clean start this year, with officials announcing on Monday that workers hauled away huge loads of trash, removed graffiti and made other improvements leading up to 2016.

Nearly $312,500 Raised By Education Foundations for Santa Monica-Malibu Public Schools in December
January 12, 2016 -- Fundraising for Santa Monica-Malibu public schools picked up steam last month, reaching almost $312,500 in December alone, leaders said.

Santa Monica Moves Toward More Control of Coastal Permitting
January 11, 2016 -- For several decades, people with development projects near the Santa Monica coast have needed to go to the California Coastal Commission for final approval in the form of a coastal permit.

Santa Monica Group Says City's New Wage Law Won't Pass Legal Muster
January 11, 2016 -- A hotly debated provision in Santa Monica's proposed new minimum wage law that exempts unions is against U.S. labor laws and provides grounds for a future lawsuit if the language stays in the final ordinance, said a spokesman for Fair Wage Santa Monica.

Supervisor Will Speak At Santa Monica Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observance
January 11, 2016 -- Santa Monica's annual celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King this year will feature a keynote speech by Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila James Kuehl.

Study Rings Up Santa Monicans Holiday Credit Spending
January 8, 2016 -- Santa Monica residents are carrying an average credit card debt of $8,294, which will take them well past next Christmas to pay off and cost them $1,978 in interest, said a new post-holiday study on U.S. credit card debt.

Santa Monica Police Will Ticket Bike Law Violators This Weekend
January 8, 2016 -- Santa Monica police will be watching out for traffic violation by people riding on two wheels this weekend.

Santa Monica Weathers First Bout With El Niño
January 8, 2016 -- Months of planning, preparations and public outreach are paying off for Santa Monica, which weathered the season's first round of powerful El Nino-fed storms this week and came out ready for more, emergency response officials said Thursday.

Unions Says Petition Drive Against Santa Monica New Minimum Law is Front for Political Conservatives
January 7, 2016 -- One of Santa Monica’s largest unions came out swinging Wednesday against a last-minute attempt to stop the union exemption in the City’s proposed new $15-an-hour minimum wage law, saying the drive is the work of political conservatives.

Santa Monica Homeless Struggle as El Niño Storm Conditions Worsen
January 7, 2016 -- With El Nino rainfall growing worse on Wednesday, Santa Monica police were urging the city’s homeless population to get to nearby shelters either by bus or, in extreme cases, via personal delivery by police officers.

Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus Fares Going Up This Weekend
January 7, 2016 -- Like rents, food and nearly everything else, rides on Santa Monica's bargain-basement Big Blue Buses are going up this year, starting Sunday when a completely new rate structure kicks in.

New Year in Santa Monica Likely to Bring New Round of Development Wars
January 6, 2015 -- Battled scarred as it is from development wars of the past, Santa Monica is likely to see a new round of fighting over the issue soon, with an increasingly active slow-growth group about to launch a public signature drive to clamp down hard on proposed high-rises and other big projects.

Contamination Warnings Issued as Santa Monica Endures First El Niño Storm of 2016
January 6, 2016 -- Some storm drains overflowed and contaminated debris ended up on Santa Monica beaches, prompting health warnings as the city by the bay endured the first El Niño-related rainfall of 2016, officials and environmentalists said.

Santa Monica Senator Bloom to Put Citizens United Case to State's Voters
January 6, 2016 -- Californians will get to weigh in on whether corporations should be able to spend as much as they want on political activities that don't directly benefit a particular party or candidate, thanks to a state Supreme Court decision clearing the way for the question to appear on ballots in November.

Hazardous Conditions Posted for Santa Monica Ocean Waters
January 5, 2016 -- The first El Niño storm of the year to hit the Southland might chase away most visitors to Santa Monica’s seaside in the next few days, but for those who do decide to risk it, be warned: Conditions might be very dangerous.

Former Santa Monica College President of Two Decades Dies
January 5, 2016 -- Richard Moore, a former Santa Monica College President who for two decades guided the institution through expansive growth in enrollment and added some of the ambitious programs for which the college is known today, has died.

Santa Monica College Board Elects New Chair, Vice Chair
January 5, 2016 -- When the Santa Monica College Board meets next week to discuss a proposed campus in Malibu, it will have two new board members at the helm.

Theft Top Reported Crime in Santa Monica for 2015
January 4, 2016 -- Among the nearly 8,900 reported crimes in Santa Monica during 2015, theft of varying degrees of severity was the most frequent with 3,250, according to the Santa Monica Open Data Portal. The most frequent type of theft reported was items stolen from vehicles with 897.

Santa Monica Seniors Get Big Rent Break for New Year
January 4, 2016 -- Dozens of low-income seniors in subsidized apartments on Nielson Way in Santa Monica will have more money in their pockets in the new year after renewing lease agreements calling for rent decreases instead of increases.

Planetarium at Santa Monica College Good Place to Catch a Comet This Year
January 4, 2016 -- Thousands of comets, those dirty snowballs of the galaxy, will be paying visits to our solar system this year. More than 40 of them will be visible with the naked eye.

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