The LookOut

October 2009


10 30 09--LETTERSScary Salary
10 30 09--NEWS FLASH -- Murder Suspect Arrested
10 22 09--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Green Cities California Launches Best Practices Web Site
10 22 09--Santa Monica to Get Bigger Better Buses
10 22 09--TEXTRA!! -- Three Arrested in Connection with 2008 Murder

10 28 09--Mall Signs Slate of Fast-casual Restaurants

10 28 09--PUBLIC NOTICE -- SMC Planetarium Shows in 10 28 09--November: "Telescope Buyer" & "Jupiter, Pleiades"
10 28 09--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Local History Online at Santa Monica Public Library Web Site
10 25 09--SM Bay Third in Nation for Toxic Discharges
10-28-2009--Art2C -- Shaman Drums, Carless Experiences and Obsessive Details
10-27-2009--Council Takes Up Rail Facility, Again
10-27-2009--Planning Commission Approves Contested Senior Projects
10-22-2009--Three Arrested in Connection with 2008 Murder
10-22-2009--Santa Monica to Get Bigger Better Buses
10-22-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Green Cities California Launches Best Practices Web Site
10-22-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Statewide Organization Expands Foreclosure Hotline -- for Tenants
10-20-2009--Santa Monica Place Targets Green Designation
10-20-2009--Palisades Bluffs Stabilization Work to Start
10-20-2009--Council Establishes Driveway Standards
10-19-2009--Two Programs Receive Funding
10-19-2009--WHAT I SAY -- Baseball's Been Very Good to Us
10-19-2009--School Board Declines to Support District PR Position
10-15-2009--City Takes Furniture Company to Court
10-15-2009--Police Seek Suspects in Sunday Shooting
10-15-2009--LETTERS -- Maintenance Yard Poses "Safety Risk"
10-15-2009-- Tuesday's City Councl Wrap Up
10-14-2009--Santa Monica Loosens Performance Permit Policy
10-14-2009--Holidays on Ice
10-13-2009--Making the Brand New
10-13-2009--Consuming Passion
10-13-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Rotary Club Offers Community and Youth Grants
10-12-2009--The Circus Is in Town
10-12-2009--AFM, Cirque to Boost Sagging Economy
10-12-2009--WHAT I SAY -- Just Who is Unsafe?
10-12-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Job Skills services online at Santa Monica
10-11-2009--Public LibraryBig Blue Bus Sets the Standard with New Eco-Maintenance Facility
10-8-2009--School Board Changes Homework Policy
10-6-2009--School Board Debates Use of Equity Funds
10-05-2009--School Board Takes Up Child Abuse
10-05-2009--WHAT I SAY --The Expo Maintenance Yard -- Resolution in the Offing?
10-02-2009--O'Connor Launches Early Re-election Bid
10-02-2009--Police Nab Suspects in Santa Monica Shooting
10-01-2009--Santa Monica Beaches Get Mixed Grades
10-01-2009--Police Seek Suspects in Stabbing, Shooting Incidents
10-01-2009--SMC Opens New Veterans Center
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