The LookOut

March 2009

3-31-2009--SMRR Opposes Proposed Site for Expo Facility
Survey Takes Pulse of Santa Monica
3-31-2009--Air Board Fines Big Blue Bus
3-30-2009--Santa Monica Works with New York to Tackle Homelessness
3-30-2009--Operation Mama” Nabs Heroin Dealers
3-30-2009--WHAT I SAY -- My favorite words . . .  in conflict?
3-26-2009--Council Explores Big Plans for Civic Center
3-26-2009--Childcare Takes Major Step

3-25-2009--Pawnshop Gets Help from City

3-25-2009--Tuesday's City Council Wrap Up
3-25-2009--Santa Monica Races to Pave Way for New Water Treatment Facility
3-23-2009--Council to Consider Transformation of Mall Anchor Store
3-23-2009--City Gets Stimulus Money for Buses

3-23-2009--WHAT I SAY -- Making the Center a Center

3-20-2009--Businesses Recognized for Going Green
3-20-2009--Meet and Greet
3-20-2009--New Bayside Board Gets to Work

3-19-2009--Local Officials Urge Santa Monicans to Shop Local
3-19-2009--Half of Street Homeless Live Downtown
cstasy Dealer Busted in Santa Monica
3-18-2009--Help Reduce Auto Burglaries
3-18-2009--Sign of the Times
3-16-2009--Shriver Ponders Run for State's Top Cop
3-16-2009--WHAT I SAY -- Change in Historic Contexts

3-16-2009--LETTERS -- A Gem by the Sea
3-13-2009--Report Gauges Impacts of Vacancy Decontrol
3-13-2009--The Lookout Turns 10
3-11-2009--Westside Shelter & Hunger Coalition Receives $10,000 Gift
3-11-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Establishing Community Priorities

3-111-2009--LETTERS -- The Cost of Parking

3-11-2009--District Presents Ambitious Plan for Samohi

3-9-2009--Santa Monica Man Could Be Serial Killer

3-9-2009--Santa Monica Man Charged in Woman's Murder
3-9-2009--WHAT I SAY -- The Convenient City
3-9-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Calprig Report Identifies 20 Ways to Create More Jobs

3-6-2009--Regulating Cabs and Overblown Fears
3-6-2009--Council Meeting Wrap Up
3-6-2009--Another Piece of Downtown
3-6-2009--Parking Puzzle Falls into Place

3-5-2009--Two Convicted in Moose Lodge Slayings

3-4-2009--Council Puts Brakes on Cab Moratorium
3-4-2009--OPINION -- Budget Horror Story

3-4-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Korea Foundation Pledges $1 Million to RAND 
3-2-2009--Council to Set Beach House Fees
3-2-2009--WHAT I SAY -- A Gleam in Her Eye
3-2-2009--OPINION -- Council Sham: No Outsiders Need Apply
3-2-2009--Council Expected to Halt New Cabs


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