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June 2009

6-30-2009--Travel Planner
6-30-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- City Council Meeting Wrap Up for June 30
6-29-2009--WHAT I SAY -- Thought Association
6-30-2009--Teachers Union Proposes Budget Savings

6-29-2009--Shopping for Answers
6-29-2009--Half-Billion-Dollar Budget Kicks in Wednesday
6-26-2009--Driving Santa Monica Tourism
6-26-2009--Meet and Greet
6-24-2009--Santa Monica Celebrates Independence Day Early
6-25-2009--CEPS Gets New Leader
6-24-2009--Local Publisher Faces Charges
6-24-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- City Council Wrap Up for June 23
6-24-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Santa Monica Invites Visitors to Make
6-22-2009--Summer Unforgettable

6-22-2009--Ramps, Sewers and Jail Transit on Santa Monica Council Agenda

6-22-2009--WHAY I SAY -- Since I've Been Gone
6-18-2009--Council to Consider Open Door Policy for Massage Parlors
6-18-2009--Music Legends and International Stars Featured in Pier Dance Series
6-17-2009--The Letter and the Law
6-17-2009--Kids Help Snuff Out Smoking

6-16-2009--Council Sets Priorities for $77 million

6-16-2009--SMC Quad Wins Top Award
6-16-2009--OPINION -- Offering a Safe Place and Peace of Mind
OPINION -- 6-16-2009--Frank Gruber's Report from the Denver New Urbanism Congress Part 3

6-15-2009--Two Violent Incidents Hit Pico Neighborhood

6-15-2009--Santa Monica Rent Board Approves Record Low Hike
6-15-2009--WHAT I SAY --
Denver: Go for the omelets, stay for the urbanism

6-12-2009--Council Moves to Curb Paparazzi

6-12-2009--New Programs Make Downtown Santa Monica More Inviting
6-10-2009--Tuesday's City Council Wrap Up
6-10-2009--Council Overturns Landmark Designation for Former Mayor’s Building

6-10-2009--Welcome to the Club

6-9-2009--City Drops Charges Against Electric Car Entrepreneur
6-9-2009--Coalition Opposes Condo Development
6-9-2009--LETTER -- Coalition's Letter to Council
6-8-2009--School Board Cuts Samohi House, Retains Some Staff

6-8-2009--WHAT I SAY --
Thinking 'bout My Generation

6-5-2009--City Council Should Deny Landmark Status for Former Mayor’s Building, Staff Says
6-5-2009--Santa Monica Hires Internal Auditor
6-5-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Public Library Announces Call for Sustainable Lit Prize
6-4-2009--School Board to Revisit Houses

6-4-2009--LETTERS -- Follow Procedure

6-4-2009--LETTERS -- Revise the House System
6-3-2009--EXCLUSIVE --Who’s Living in Those Ellis Units? Santa Monica Wants to Know
6-3-2009--LETTERS -- Gruber Cynical and Wrong
6-1-2009--Proposed Santa Monica Rent Hike Matches Lowest Ever

6-1-2009--WHAT I SAY -- High Irony Content


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