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February 2009

2-27-2009--Crime Shoots Up Downtown
2-27-2009--LETTERS -- Election Arithmetic and Other Issues
2-27-2009--Three Mysteries Explained (Sort Of)
2-25-2009--EXTRA!!! Davis Picked to Fill Katz’s Seat

2-25-2009--OPINION -- Obama's Economic Genius and Geniuses
2-25-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Tuesday's City Council Meeting Wrap Up

2-24-2009--EXTRA!!! Santa Monica’s Homeless Population Dips-Despite Hard Times
2-24-2009--Plan Could Keep Tide Afloat

2-23-2009--Matrices: How They Would Have Voted<)font> 0 2 63-2009,-WHIT I SAY --
Outrage*0What's Most Predictable About 2-23-2009--Santa Monica PoLitics

2-23-2009--SM USD Prop 39 Bont Oversight Committee Acceptin' Applications=/font>

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2-23-2009--LETTERS -- Expo Line Will Not Reduce Traffic
2-23-2009-- VIDEO -- View 1998 Attempt to Fill Vacant Seat

2-20-2009--Streak Ends at 17 for "Salt and Pepper" Bandit

2-20-2009--Fire Guts Santa Monica Eatery

2-20-2009-- OPINION -- Right-of-Way Route Faster, Cheaper, Safer
2-19-2009--Ex-Fugitive Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of German Tourist

2-19-2009--Customers of Santa Monica Online Dealer to Share in Payback

2-19-2009--OPINION -- Don't Shoot the Messenger

2-19-2009--LETTERS -- Council Thumbing Noses at Voters
2-18-2009--Old, New Faces Fill Crowded Field of Council Hopefuls

2-18-2009--Turning the Tide on Shuttle Proposal
2-18-2009--Police Seek Dark Sedan in Hit-and-Run

2-17-2009--Expo Rail Should Take Colorado, Santa Monica Says
2-17-2009--WHAT I SAY -- Transit and Good Urban Design, Unite!

2-17-2009--LETTERS -- McKeown Should Be True to Himself

2-13-2009--Final Suspect in 1998 Slaying of German Tourist Nabbed in Jamaica
2-13-2009--Mall Gets Second Wave of Tenants
2-13-2009-- PUBLIC NOTICE -- Don't Get Ripped Off!

2-12-2009--Smoke Signals: Santa Monica Launches Anti-Smoking Campaign

2-12-2009--Tuesday's City Council Wrap Up
2-12-2009--Samohi Gets Renovated Track
2-11-2009--City Braces for Tough Economic Times
2-11-2009--Meet the City's Appointees to the Bayside Board
2-11-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Website To Aid Santa Monica’s Residential Smoking Ban
2-10-2009--Hum Bug HolidaysClub Announces Youth of Year
2-10-2009--OPINION -- Why It’s Important That Obama Fail
2-9-2009--Greening Santa Monica

2-9-2009--WHAT I SAY John Percival Jones would be happy
2-9-2009--City and Conservancy to Partner at Beach House: Docents Sought
2-6-2009--Opponents Spend More than $750,000 to Defeat RIFT, Backers Left in the Red

2-6-2009--Spending Down in 2008 Council Race

2-6-2009--LETTERS -- City Should Walk the Walk

2-4-2009--Santa Monica Institution Sinking

2-2-2009--School Board to Retain Cuneo as Permanent Supt
2-2-2009--WHAT I SAY -- The Commonwealth of Los Angeles?


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