The LookOut

June 2008

6-30-2008--Man Killed in Pico Neighborhood
6-30-2008--WHAT I SAY -- It's About Power
6-30-2008--LETTERS -- Unjust Suggestion
6-27-2008--THE LENS -- Close Encounters 
6-27-2008--EXTRA!!! PBAD Opponents Mount Campaign
6-27-2008--Student Design Team to Shape Bus of the Future
6-27-2008--LETTERS: Let the World In
  Council Places RIFT on Ballot, Debates
Bayside Board Gets Greater Leasing Say
6-26-2008--Tuesday's City Council Wrap-Up

6-24-2008--School Board to Consider New Child Abuse Policy, Personnel Changes

6-24-2008--Assembly Committee Backs City in Battle with FAA

6-24-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Teen Center Celebrates Graduates’ Next Steps
6-23-2008--Council to Consider Smoking Ban in Apartment, Condo Common Areas
6-23-2008--WHAT I SAY --
Guest Column: The Son Also Speaks

6-21-2008--The LENS -- Pre-Flight
6-21-2008--Robber Targets West LA Homes
6-19-2008--City Charts Path to Fight Traffic Congestion
6-19-2008--City Celebrates Juneteenth Saturday in the Park
6-18-2008--City Budget Passes Half-Billion Mark
6-18-2008--Tuesday's City Council Wrap-Up
6-17-2008--Shedding Light on Solar Power
6-17-2008--Santa Monica Civic Turns 50
6-16-2008--RAND Exposes Invisible Wounds of War
6-16-2008--WHAT I SAY -- What a Difference a Few Years Make
6-13-2008--THE LENS -- Eddie
6-13-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- PCH Paving Project Closures Scheduled
6-12-2008--City Files Brief in Legal Battle with FAA
6-12-2008--Police Arrest Suspect in April Attack
6-12-2008--City Council Wrap-Up

6-10-2008--Chamber Changes Guard

6-9-2008--Walking the Line
6-9-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Steps at a Time

6-6-2008--EXTRA!!! Santa Monica Teacher Faces Additional Molestation Charges
PART I -- City Sales Fall Flat  
PART II -- Downtown Sales Skid
PART III -- Belt-tightening Time for Restaurants

6-5-2008-- EXCLUSIVE --
School Board Could Consider Jalili for Interim Superintendent

6-5-2008--City Prepares to Respond to FAA
6-5-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Pier Announces Twilight Dance Series Line-up
6-4-2008--Pavley, Prop 99 Win by Landslides
6-3-2008--New Group to Work for School District Reform

6-2-2008--Dueling Props on Tuesday’s Ballot

6-2-2008--Benefit Saturday Will Help PicoYouth Center Finish New Home
6-2-2008--WHAT I SAY --
Post-Battered Commissioner Syndrome: There is Hope


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