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January 2008

1-31-2008--Santa Monica Place Marks End of an Era
1-31-2008--Beach Café, Lot to Close Next Week

1-30-2008--Lincoln Locked Down After Prank Call

1-30-2008--Homeless Survey Winds Down
1-30-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Request for Proposals Issued for Surfing Instruction and Youth Camps on Santa Monica State Beach

1-28-2008--Downtown Working Group Approves Management Plan After Contentious Debate
1-28-2008--WHAT I SAY --
Not Yet Back in the Saddle, but Typing is OK

EXTRA!!! City’s Public Works Head Resigns to Assume Key Energy Post

1-25-2008--Manhunt Shuts Down Pico Streets; Suspect Still at Large

1-25-2008--THE LENS -- Catering Truck

1-25-2008--LETTERS -- Vote "No" on Prop R
1-25-2008--OPINION -- Vote "Yes" for Measure R

1-24-2008--Council Sets “Buffer Zone” for Protests

1-24-2008--Tuesday's Council Meeting Wrap-Up
1-24-2008--LETTERS -- Prop 92 Ensures College Ed for All

1-23-2008--Council Weighs in Again on Downtown Plan
1-23-2008--Westside Shelters Need Volunteers, Donations
1-23-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Planning Commission Current Caselist
1-22-2008--People Who Need People

1-22-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Crash and Learn
1-18-2008--Measure R Revs Up Campaign
1-18-2008--THE LENS -- Shack on Wheels
1-16-2008--Commission Denies Downtown Trees Landmark Status
1-16-2008--Santa Monica Rep Named Year’s Top Legislator
1-15-2008--Small Plane Overruns Runway

1-15-2008--Seasoned, Fresh Faces Take on the Downtown
1-15-2008--Downtown ‘07 in Review
1-14-2008--Bracing for Hard Times
1-14-2008--Tourism Market Remains Strong
1-14-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Move it, L.A.!
1-11-2008--City Curbs Surfing Instruction on Santa Monica Beach

1-11-2008--THE LENS -- Good Smoke

1-10-2008--Council Approves High-end Wine Outlet on Main Street
1-10-2008--Tuesday's Council Meeting Wrap-Up

1-10-2008--Public Gets Say Before Hotel Heads to Planning Commission
1-10-2008--Affordable Project Wins Award
1-9-2008--Resident, Biz Owner to Head Pico District
1-9-2008--City Renews Sustainable Landscaping Grant Program for 2008
1-8-2008--CVB Celebrates 25 Years Selling Santa Monica

1-8-2008--City Hall Prepares for Fumigation
1-7-2008--Minority Groups, Families See Rise in Homelessness
1-7-2008--City Council Considers Laws to Regulate Protests, Surfing
1-7-2008--WHAT I SAY -- And if Denny Zane is 60?

1-4-2008--Bus Route Plan Irks Residents
1-4-2008--THE LENS -- Rain Driven
1-3-2008--New Year's Resolutions
1-3-2008--College to Present Final Phase of Master Plan

1-3-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- SMMUSD Waives 2007-08 Parcel Tax
1-3-2008--Assessments for Recent Wildfire Victims
1-2-2008--Top Stories of 2007
1-2-2008--City Bids Gabriel Farewell


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