The LookOut

February 2008

2-29-2008--EXTRA!!! Judge Denies Injunction to Halt Removal of Downtown Ficus Tree
2-29-2008--Council Moves to Ban Panhandling from Promenade Seating

2-29-2008--THE LENS -- Carving Forms

2-27-2008--City Council Wrap-Up

2-26-2008--Council to Consider Banning Panhandling from Promenade Benches

2-26-2008--Cost Rises for Asbestos Abatement at PCH Beach Club Site

2-25-2008--Council Squirrels Away Money During Tough Economic Times

2-25-2008--Pacific Park to Replace Famous Solar-powered Wheel

2-25-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Democracy, Big-D
2-22-2008--THE LENS -- Slick and Risk
2-22-2008--Fate of Downtown Ficus Trees Hangs on Verdict Next Week
2-21-2008--Council Axes Treesavers' Appeal

2-21-2008--Tuesday's City Council Wrap-Up

2-19-2008--Working Group Takes Major Steps in New Downtown Management Plan

2-19-2008--WHAT I SAY -- End Run with a Blunt Instrument
2-15-2008--THE LENS -- Going Postal in Santa Monica
2-14-2008--Participants Cautious About Downtown Management Plan

2-13-2008--Local Architect Recognized by Peers
2-13-2008--City Council Wrap-Up

2-12-2008--Downtown Plan Reaches Crossroads
2-12-2008--Downtown Sees Retail Slowdown
2-12-2008--Love is in the Air Valentine’s Day at Pacific Park
2-11-2008--Anti-Styrofoam Crusaders
2-11-2008--Mall Owner Donates $100,000 for Historical Exhibit
2-11-2008--WHAT I SAY -- After a Super Tuesday
2-11-2008--OPINON -- A More Expansive View of Local History

2-8-2008--Food Container Ban Kicks in Saturday

2-8-2008--THE LENS -- Valentine Secrets

2-8-2008--OPINION -- Governor's Budget Proposal to Close 48 California State Parks is Unacceptable

2-6-2008--EXTRA!!! Parcel Tax Extension Wins
2-6-2008--Commission to Take Up Interim Ordinances
2-4-2008--Proponents of Development Initiative to Hit Streets Tuesday
2-4-2008--SMC Signs Climate Pact
2-4-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Getting Primary Priorities Right

2-4-2008--OPINION -- School Seeks Parcel Tax In Perpetuity
2-1-2008--City Launches Program to House “10 Most Vulnerable”

2-1-2008--Three Juveniles Arrested for Prank Calls That Led to Lockdowns


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