The LookOut

December 2008

12-23-2008--Middle School Teacher Pleads Guilty
12-23-2008--Bloom Joins Homeless Non Profit
12-22-2008--Borders Closes Santa Monica Chapter
12-18-2008--New Guard Takes Over School Board
12-18-2008--More Santa Monica Businesses Go Green
12-16-2008--Santa Monica Tackling Chronic Homelessness
12-16-2008--Santa Monica Man Dies in Car Crash
12-16-2008--Election Final Vote Count
12-16-2008--OPINION -- Our Friend Griff Hoerner
12-15-2008--Spreading the Joy
12-15-2008--Frozen Fun

12-15-2008--WHAT I SAY -- There We Go but for...
12-10-2008--Scrooge Visits Downtown Merchants
12-10-2008--Genser Mayor for Two Terms
12-9-2008--Mayor's Seat Up for Grabs
12-9-2008--Brady Elected Chair of District Personnel Commission
12-8-2008--SMRR Won't Challenge Kronovet Victory

12-8-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Not so invincible, and the Place that is Chez Jay
12-08-2008--ETTERS -- Kronovet Election Should Concern Renters
12-5-2008--Strange Rent Control Saga Ends
12-5-2008--Council Explores Closing Exercise Stairs
12-3-2008--Holiday Season Shopping Tips
12-3-2008--Historic! SMRR Foe Wins
12-2-2008--WHAT I SAY--Stair City East and Stair City West
12-1-2008--City to Pony Up for Traffic Plan
12-1-2008--PAL Looking for Golf Sponsors
12-1-2008--City to Pony Up for Traffic Plan


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