The LookOut

October 2007

10-30-2007--Student Math Video Wins Rave Reviews
10-30-2007--Malibu Schools All Open; District Set for Major Summit Next Week
10-29-2007--Fire, Police Storage Facility Gets Red Light

10-29-2007--WHAT I SAY -- The Return of Railroad Avenue?
10-26-2007--Chamber Picks New Leader, Scales Down Political Role
10-26-2007--Shots Fired in Pico Neighborhood
10-26-2007--THE LENS -- The Library
10-26-2007--Metro Westside Extension Transit Corridor Early Public Scoping Meeting (Video)

10-25-2007--Council Rejects "Fair Fight Fund"
10-25-2007--Treesavers Pulls Case, for Now
10-25-2007--Bike Dislike: Laid-back Santa Monica Clashes with Critical Mass
10-25-2007--City Council Meeting Wrap-Up

10-24-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Red Cross Seeks Volunteers to Work in Fire Areas
10-24-2007--Council Extends Development Ordinance for Industrial Areas
10-23-2007--City Considers Expo Line Alternatives

10-22-2007--Treesavers Go on Hunger Fast

10-22-2007--WHAT I SAY
-- It's Time to Take the Pledge

10-19-2007--School Board Votes for Samohi, Edison Funding
THE LENS -- Lawn Bowling
10-18-2007--Cutting Edge Hip Center Opens at Saint Johns
10-18-2007--Unusual Landmark Applications Filed for Ficus
10-17-2007--City Back on Hook for farmers Market Trajedy
10-17-2007--Four Community Leaders Join Coalition Ranks
10-17-2007--MMUSD-Board Meeting
10-16-2007--Committee Recommends More Funding for Samohi
10-16-2007--Promenade Maintenance Improves Gren Fleet
10-15-2007--Officials Tackle Major Issues
10 15 2007--Westside Coalition Celebrates Success
WHAT I SAY -- Do Santa Monica Streets Belong to Fewer People?
10 12 2007 Walking the Beat
10 12 2007 Santa Monicas Homeless Population Drops
10 11 2007 Fantasy on Ice
10 11 2007 Film Market Hopes for Blockbuster

  10-10-2007--City Moves to Ground Large Planes
10-10-2007--LETTERS -- Add, Donít Remove, Trees; SM Besting NY
10-9-2007--City Finds Common Ground on Homelessness
10-9-2007--WHAT I SAY -- 100 Solutions or One?
10-9-2007--LETTERS -- Keep the Trees, Save Big Bucks
10-8-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Local Artists Champion Arts Education in Public Schools Thursday

10-5-2007--NEWS FLASH
Judge Bars City from Chopping Down Trees, For No

Commission Letter Urges Council to Delay Tree Removal, Mayor Says Revisiting the Issue Unlikely
10-5-2007--Planning Commission's Letter to the City Council
10-4-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Moving Forward: City to Hold Workshop Saturday to Consider Priorities for Future Transportation Needs
10-04-2007--Commission to Council: Delay Tree Removal Downtown
10-04-2007--OPINION -- See the Forest for the Trees
Teenager Charged as Adult in Santa Monica Rape
10-03-2007--SMC Students Weigh Options
10-02-2007--Celebrity Shop Vanishes from Santa Monica

10-02-2007--Pico Youth Center Warms Up New Home
10-02-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- City Announces Arts and Cultural Transportation Grant Program

10-01-2007--City Approves Projects to Clean Up Bay

10-01-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Showing Respect to Transit Heroes
10-01-2007--LETTERS -- Save the Trees Before Repeating pico Mistake


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