The LookOut

November 2007

11-28-2007--EXTRA!!! Council Bans Faster Planes at Airport
11-28-2007--Historical Society Museum Surpasses $1 Million Mark
11-28-2007--Tuesday's Council Meeting Wrap-Up
11-27-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- City Attorney Announces New Fair Housing Workshop on Disability Issues
11-27-2007--SMC Launches “Global Citizenship” Crusade

11-27-2007--OPINION -- “Global Citizenship: Opportunities & Responsibilities
for All Students”

11-26-2007--More Homeless Call Downtown Home
11-26-2007--Mixed Signals for Holidays
11-26-2007--WHAT I SAY -- But Always Strong
11-26-2007--THE LENS -- Mystery Flag
11-26-2007--OPINION -- Santa Monica Airport: A Time for Action
11-21-2007--The Word is Winterlit
11-21-2007--White Light, Bright Light
11-21-2007--Danger Lurks Behind Cork and Fork This Holiday Season
11-19-2007--Critical Mass Sends Message to Council
11-19-2007--LETTERS -- Open Letter to the City Council
11-19-2007--WHAT I SAY --The End, In Sight?
11-19-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Woodlawn Cemetery Sponsors Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tots DriveI
11-17-2007--THE LENS -- Skateboarders Now and Then
11-16-2007--EXCLUSIVE Police Captain Under Investigation

11-16-2007--Council Endorses Industrial Lands Principles
11-15-2007--INFO ITEM Counterterrorism Forum Puts Focus on Local Issues

11-15-2007--Tuesday's City Council Meeting Wrap-Up

11-14-2007--Council Requests Proposals for Downtown Theater
11-14-2007--Santa Monica Again Tops List of Best Restaurants in Region
11-14-2007--Pacific Park Hires New Food Director
11-13-2007--Angels Attic Plan Moves Ahead

11-13-2007--City Takes Electronics Merchant to Court

11-12-2007--City Entertains Proposal to Combine Cinema, Parking Downtown
11-12-2007--Commission Approves Industrial Lands Principles
11-12-2007--WHAT I SAY -- You Can't Win
11-9-2007--Teenager To Stand Trial for Rape

11-8-2007--THE LENS -- Model Store
11-8-2007--LETTERS -- City Should Encourage, not Discourage, Critical Mass
11-7-2007--Police Crack Down on Critical Mass
11-7-2007--Memorial for Santa Monica Social Activist Set
11-6-2007--Local Schools Are in Great Shape, Officials Report
11-6-2007--The Stage Prepares to Raise Curtain, Money
11-5-2007--City Looks For Easy Beach Day
11-5-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Talking Trash
11-2-2007--Santa Monica Unpaves Paradise and Rips Out a Parking Lot


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