The LookOut
  July 2007

7-31-2007--Experts Tackle Traffic Congestion at RAND Forum
7-31-2007--City Council Tweaks Hedge Law

7-30-2007--Council Moves to Scale Down Industrial Area

7-27-2007--NEWS FLASH Admitted Pedophile Spotted in Santa Monica
7-27-2007--Power Struggle Deadlocked
7-27-2007--THE LENS -- Frogs and Lilies, Trucks and Tea Cups
7-26-2007--Bringing Reason to Terror
7-26-2007--LETTERS -- School Board Deflects Attention from “Secret Deals”

7-26-2007--Reggae Rocks The Santa Monica Pier Thursday Night
7-25-2007--Police Sting Nabs 11, Shuts Down Motel

7-25-2007--Actress Arrested for DUI, Cocaine

7-25-2007--Tuesday's Council Meeting Wrap-Up

7-24-2007--Christian School Proposal Still Has a Prayer

7-24-2007--Daily Passes Offer Unlimited Rides
 7-23-2007--Concrete Ideas Presented at Industrial Lands Workshop
7-23-2007--Madison Campus Ready To Harmonize

7-23-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Making the Best of It
7-20-2007--Planning Commission Delays Vote on 125-unit Condo Development
7-20-2007--THE LENS -- Flying Dog
7-20-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Take the 20 Gallon Challenge
7-19-2007--Saturday Workshop Gives Santa Monicans Chance to Help Forge Vision for Industrial Area  
7-19-2007--Twilight Dance Series Features African, Cuban Sounds

7-18-2007--College Gets Grants for Transportation and Logistics Training
7-18-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Summer Shakespeare Kicks Off in Santa

7-17-2007--LETTERS -- Pico Plan a Regressive Stop-Gap Measure
Four Shot at North of Montana Party, Suspect Arrested
7-17-2007--Two Pedestrains Hit in Crosswalk
7-17-2007--Architectural Review Board Blesses Church Remodel
7-17-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Red Cross Hosts "Bazaar, Yard Sale and Car Wash Extravaganza" Saturday
7-16-2007--More Than One Way to the City of the Future

7-16-2007--Spreading the Word
7-16-2007--WHAT I SAY -- One-Way Ticket; Yeah?

7-13-2007--Downtown Bracing for Construction

7-13-2007--Promising Summer for Tourism
7-13-2007--THE LENS -- Gone Fishin'
7-12-2007--SPECIAL REPORT -- A Taste of Downtown

7-12-2007--School Board To Discuss Moratorium on Confidentiality Clauses
7-12-2007--Latin Sounds with a Modern Groove Shake the Pier Thursday Night
7-12-2007--LETTERS -- More Tales from the Bike Path

7-12-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Santa Monica Renews California Friendly®
7-12-2007--Landscaping Grant Program
7-11-2007--Police Nab Parking Booth Bandit

7-11-2007--New Park Opens Sunday
7-11-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Solid Waste Management Launches New Website
7-11-2007--HEALTH NEWS: USC Surgeon to Establish Program at Saint John’s Health Center
7-10-2007--City Council Faced with Crucial Planning Appointments

7-10-2007--Residents Near Samohi Could Finally Get Parking Relief
7-10-2007--LETTERS -- Kudos for The Lens
7-10-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Red Cross Board Has 7 New Directors
WHAT I SAY -- Frank Gruber is taking the week off. His column will return Monday.

7-9-2007--Rent Control Board Approves Annual Adjustment
7-8-2007--NEWS FLASH Man Fatally Shot in Ocean Park
7-9-2007--THE LENS -- The Santa Monica Bike Path Survival Guide
7-6-2007--NEW!!! THE LENS: Lookout Sets Lens Loose

7-6-2007--Back To The Future on Ocean Park Boulevard 
7-5-2007--Santa Monica Turns Out In Force for Independence Day Parade
7-5-2007--Conservancy Hails Move to Prepare Home for Shotgun House 7-3-2007--Little Parade Could be Big
7-3-2007--Pier Revenue Projected to Increase in New Fiscal Year
7-3-2007--OPINION -- Doing My Duty
7-3-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Applications Now Available to Fill Vacancy on School Board
7-2-2007--School Board Approves Budget, Reshuffles Leadership

7-2-2007--WHAT I SAY -- No Bang for My Hypocrisy


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